Monday, April 23, 2012

Less-Than-Stellar Faculty At Notre Dame

The Huffington Post brings news that some faculty of the University of Notre Dame are calling for the resignation of Bishop Jenky from the University's Board of Fellows for having the audacity of giving a homily that is authentically Catholic.  No doubt the notion of the Catholic faith being boldly proclaimed is abhorrent to a university that invited the Messiah Most Miserable (almost 3 years ago) to give its commencement address.  Read the text of their letter.  They "find it offensive that the bishop compared Obama's actions with "those whose genocidal policies murdered tens of millions of people".  Never mind that Obama's love affair with baby murder is a genocidal policy that today continues to murder tens of millions of people.

It was Pewsitter that alerted me to this story.  Pewsitter alerted me to another story related to Notre Dame.  In this piece, a professor named Julia Marvin is taking Notre Dame to task for "workplace discrimination against non-heterosexual employees".  Get a load of that word "non-heterosexual"!  She knows the gay lifestyle is sinful but embraces it anyway - so she tries to pretty up the language a bit, in a manner similar to cloaking the reality of baby-murder with the word "choice".  Sorry, Julia!  It ain't flyin'!!  I won't waste too much time picking apart the errors in this thing.  Suffice it to say that I had a hunch that there was a common link between this and the snit-fit against Bishop Jenky - and Julia Marvin is that link!  Go back to the Huffington piece and look at the signers and you will notice Marvin's name.

It actually makes sense.  Marvin has absolutely no respect for Catholic teaching, at least regarding sexual morality.  No wonder Bishop Jenky "offends" her; it's the truth he proclaimed that offended her seared conscience.  I suspect that if I took the time to dig a little more, that I'd find similar mindsets among the other signers of that letter.

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