Tuesday, April 17, 2012

More Info On Why Companeros Forfeited CCHD Funding

The situation first came into the limelight due to an article in the April 5th edition of the New York Times.  Naturally this is no less biased than is the US Catholic piece mentioned two days ago.  The article portrays Companeros's affiliation with "an immigration rights coalition that joined forces with a statewide gay and lesbian advocacy group" as being rather informal and casual.  In fact, the NY Times is so intent on this portrayal that it doesn't see fit to name either the "coalition" or the "advocacy group"!  Now why - oh, why - do they commit this omission?  After all, is this not the much-vaunted New York Times?  Do they really engage in such sloppy journalism on a routine basis (a purely rhetorical question)?  Now doesn't this just have you scratching your heads, wondering what they're trying to hide??  Well, thanks to us "conservative Catholics with the help of search engines", such glaring deliberate omissions teensy inadvertent oversights can be set aright.

The "immigration rights coalition" is Colorado Immigration Rights Coaliton (CIRC) and the "advocacy group" is One Colorado.  But CIRC itself advocates for homosexual marriage.  But let's be clear about the relationship between Companeros and CIRC.  The former is a founding member of the latter, per this donation solicitation put forth by CIRC.  In that solicitation, they complain of the CCHD funding cut-off.   To their credit, they do make clear that CCHD gave to Companeros the choice of abiding by CCHD guidelines (to which they originally assented to receive funds in the first place) or the forfeiture of the funding.  They freely chose the latter.

But let's take a very close look at that first paragraph.  This is written by CIRC to solicit donations for Companeros.  Yet the first paragraph uses "first-person" language.  CIRC is saying that they - not Companeros - had to make the choice.  CIRC says they - not Companeros - sent "a clear message" to CCHD.  That is not merely sloppy language construct.  I think whoever drafted this solicitation may have tipped their hand a bit.  (By the way, my dear trolls!  I did cache this, so don't bother to try to change it on us!)

Note that Nicole Mosher, executive director of Companeros, is a current member of CIRC's board of directors.  She has a say in the direction that CIRC takes and the activities in which it participates.  So what are some of these activities?

Mosher, who is both executive director of Companeros and board member of CIRC, says "we have no reason to believe that we are in any way going against Catholic teachings" according to the NY Times article. In light of the above evidence, I find her statement to be impossible to believe.

Companeros made their decision.  Now they will accept the consequences.

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