Friday, April 27, 2012

Innocent Casualties Of Environmentalism

I've written many times about environmentalism - not only its sheer stupidity but also the underlying anti-life mental paradigm that drives so many of its proponents.  Here is a smattering of things written in the past.  As you read them, you'll see stories of how the public education system is brainwashing our children into blind acceptance of the idolatry of environmentalism.

What are the effects of all this hype on impressionable children?  If this account is accurate, the effects are harmful.  The little girl just finished telling the reporter that "I wish we didn't exist".  Apparently the girl's rather ditzy mother was standing by, no doubt enthralled at how "sensitive" the little girl was.  Try "traumatized".  What does this say about how the little girl values her own life?  How many others are growing up wishing that humanity did not exist?  As you go through the montage of article that I wrote earlier, you'll see (particularly in the linked material) plenty of environmentalists who wished they (and the rest of humanity) did not exist.

Warren Hern, late-term abortion (and pal of Leroy Carhart) wrote that he considers mankind to be a "malignant eco-tumor destroying the earth".  Of course he, Carhart and too many others are making a killing (I mean that in all senses of the word) ridding the earth of as many babies as possible.  Perhaps it's really environmentalism that is a spiritual tumor eating away at love of God and true stewardship of His creation.

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