Friday, April 13, 2012

Father Swierzek Resigns His Post

Eight days ago I posted about the situation in the Archdiocese of Vienna and Father Gerhard Swierzek, the pastor who refused to do deference to an openly gay parishioner of his.  He was overruled by the local ordinary, Cardinal Schonborn.  Catholic Culture brings us the news that Father Swierzek has resigned from that parish, saying he could not stay where people wanted their "right" at any price.  That price of course is the integrity of the Catholic moral teachings.  Father's decision was quite understandable, given the lamentable treatment he received from his Cardinal Bishop.

Speaking of faithful, orthodox priests thrown under the bus by ordinaries (who might be a little too "ordinary", if you get my drift), I have heard no recent news regarding Father Guarnizo.  I ask you to keep him in your prayers.  If any of you have contact with Cardinal Wuerl or Bishop Knestout, why not ask them?  Let them know that Father Guarnizo is NOT going to fade from your thoughts and memories.

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