Sunday, January 5, 2014

Blind Are They Who Thank Agents Of Death

Let your imagination take you back to Nazi Germany, circa 1940.  Death camps such as Auschwitz, Treblinka, Dachau and many others were peppered throughout the country.  Some of these were near cities.
 By that time many of the German people, of course, were under the hypnotic sway of Adolf Hitler and truly believed that the "Jewish problem" needed to be eradicated.

Some of these camps were in close proximity to German towns.  Is it hard to imagine that some of the denizens of these towns, in misguided patriotic fervor, might have gone to these camps - to thank the Nazi guards?  As horrid as that mindset sounds, it exists today.

Today death camps are peppered throughout this country.  Some call them "abortion clinics".  The phrase "abortion clinic" is a misnomer; "clinic" denotes a place of healing while abortion is the infliction of a brutal death on the unborn child and misery for his/her mother.  (Important aside: the number of these hell holes has plummeted over the past few years.  Discussion on that will be reserved for another post.)

The Planned Parenthood in Silver Spring MD, where I'm usually found on Saturday mornings, is on the south side of Spring Street facing north.  On the north side of Spring Street is a neighborhood that seems densely populated by pro-abortion progressives.  Over the years we've had a number of issues with neighborhood denizens: theft and vandalism of pro-life signs, physical altercations, etc.  We've noticed over the past few months that some will take walks in front of Spring Street and offer thanks and congratulations to the pro-choice clinic escorts (hereinafter referred to as "deathscorts")  One woman yesterday made mention of the "important work that they do".

These 21st century death camp guards are organized under the name "Washington Clinic Defense Task Force".  The "important work that they do" involves blocking us as we seek to offer life-affirming assistance to mothers and their unborn children, all the more to keep that "important" blood-money flowing into Planned Parenthood's coffers.  If you want to see these intrepid orange-vested death-camp guards about their business, click here for a number of video and audio clips.

Lastly, to the left is the intended end result of all the "important work" that the deathscorts do.  For this, the uber-progressive Woodside neighborhood thanks the deathscorts???  At the end of time, we'll all stand before Our Lord Jesus Christ and be judged by Him.  With Him will be all these little ones.  What will these neighborhood residents say to them?  What will God say to them?  I pray that they repent before it's too late.

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