Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The Coming Demographic Winter

As most of us endure this frigid weather with chattering teeth, we are treated to yet another whopper by Al Gore.  You see, he's still on a crusade to put forth the hoax forestall the horror of GLOBAL WARMING!!  Personally I think we could use a little of that "global warming" but once again I digress!

Comes now Al Gore's "contribution" in his crusade against this imaginary peril - "FERTILITY MANAGEMENT"!   Why can't they be honest and call it "fertility eradication"??  Whoops!  I forgot!  That would be admitting to an "inconvenient truth".

We have known for some time now that the so-called push to control "global warming" is a thinly-disguised pretext at "population control" or more accurately, population reduction.  Several years ago, Michael Voris did an expose on the "climate change" movement, of which Al Gore is a big cheerleader (and profiteer).  I post the video below; it's a long watch but well worth the investment in time.

Of course two ways to "manage fertility" are contraception and abortion.  Forty years of this have wrecked havoc upon Europe, and the American continents are headed down the same primrose path.  Voris did another program on this an hour ago.  When that video is up I'll post that too.  So not only are we enduring a bit of extreme winter weather, but we will suffer through the even greater danger of a demographic winter.  We must pray and wake up.

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