Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Wendy Davis' Sad Tale Of Woe - Pack Of Lies

Wendy Davis, the Texas state pol who won notoriety for her filibuster against Texas pro-life legislation last summer (legislation that ultimately became Texas law, by the grace of God) is running for governor.  Something tells me she has her sights set on Washington, but I digress.

No doubt she realizes that her pro-abortion stances don't sit very well with many Texans.  Thus she apparently spun some whoppers of yarn about a mythical hard-scrabble past life.  No doubt this was done to engender some emotional appeal and admiration that "she triumphed over the odds stacked against her".  She tried to portray herself as a single teen-age mother.  Having stated that she was divorced at age 19, she was forced to admit that her real age was 21.  Ooops!

Then she divorced husband number 2: right after he made her last student loan payment; when I said "right after", I meant the following day after the payment.  Of course that's just a coincidence (ahem!).  He accused her of adultery during that drama.  His accusation must have been deemed credible for he was awarded custody of their two daughters.  She didn't appear too distressed, saying, "I think you’re right; you’ll make a good, nurturing father. While I’ve been a good mother, it’s not a good time for me right now."  While she may have been correct in her assessment about what was good for the children, it certainly seems that a maternal instinct was lacking.  Perhaps that lack of natural maternal instinct is a factor in her support of baby-murder.

Here's a succinct account of all the known lies.

When confronted with these details, she admitted that her "language should have been tighter."  Tighter??  How about "honest"?  Since she's now been proven to be a brazen liar regarding her own history, can any reasonable Texan deem her honest enough to assume reins of power in Texas?  I should hope not!

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