Thursday, January 16, 2014

Indifferentism Poisoning DC And Boston Chanceries

In both the Tenth Crusade and Rorate Caeli we read that Boston's Cardinal O'Malley reaffirmed his baptism under the dubious "ministry" of a Methodist named Anne Robertson.  As the Tenth Crusade points out, Roberson is pro-abortion.  But even if she advocated traditional morality, this ceremony was still scandalous on its face.  Since when does a Prince of the Church accept faux-ministry from a Protestant as though it were equivalent to ministry from a Catholic priest?

What is at play here is the heresy of indifferentism - the false belief that all religions are equivalent on God's eyes.  We of the Archdiocese of Washington are no strangers to such slop as it oozes from our own chancery - and has been for quite a while now.

For instance, who can forget the debacle of September 2005 when Cardinal McCarrick gave an "ecumenical" address to the King of Jordan and other Muslim persons at the Catholic University of America?   I originally published the text of his remarks on my earlier website and do so now.  In his very first sentence, he said that he "invoked allah, the compassionate and merciful lord of all the world".  He went on to invoke "allah" two more times.  Guess how many times he mentioned the words "Jesus Christ"?  That's right!  Zilch!  Zip!  Nada!  Does it not make you wonder just whose bishop he is?

Cardinal O'Malley, a member of the Pope's advisory Council of Cardinals, reportedly is in close contact with the Holy Father.  Did this episode come to Pope Francis' knowledge?  Why, when he holds such a position of responsibility, would Cdl O'Malley engage in actions that any reasonable person would see as scandalous?  Is he taking cues from the Vatican?  Recall that it was Pope Francis who himself broke Canon Law on Holy Thursday when he washed a woman's feet.  We look askance upon all this.  While Our Lord promised that the gates of hell would never prevail against us, He never promised us a cake walk.  We may well have opponents within the highest ranks of the Vatican.

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