Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Common Core Branches Into Potty Training

Potty abuse might be more like it.  In a Common Core dominated Chicago school, teachers are being instructed to sign their classes up for "restroom time slots" in which their students may use the facilities.  We're talking kindergarten kids, mind you!  These potty breaks should last five minutes only, and the teachers are urged to time the pee-times with stop-watches!  Of course the kiddies are to be praised when they "meet expectations" (and if they don't?).

Recognizing that sometimes nature calls outside the scheduled times, each child will receive two rest-room passes per quarter.  My!  How generous!  Seriously - have they forgotten that children's bladders are smaller than adult bladders and just can't "hold it" for long periods?

So why is all this being done?  In their own illustrious words, "to maximize student learning and reduce the loss of instructional time".  News flash!  News flash!  If a little child is struggling to control the urge, no "student learning" will be occurring!  This is nothing more than sadistic child abuse.

So there you have it, ladies and gentlemen.  This is just one more reason why the nitwits running our governmental institutions need to have their wings clipped.  They are completely devoid of any common sense whatsoever.

Speaking of the use of toilets, that's where Common Core belongs.

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