Friday, January 24, 2014

Spiritual Slaughter Of Pro-Life Youth

Yesterday and the day before, I posted Vortex videos showing why all is not well with the so-called "future of the pro-life movement" and why the blame for that dismal state of affairs lies squarely on the shoulders of those whom God entrusted to educate and form those young people.  All too many have responded with resentment at having their rose-colored glasses yanked from their faces.  What Voris relates in today's Vortex largely echoes some discussions (mostly on Facebook) in which I've been involved.

Michael Voris is very correct when he says that the acceptance of contraception and gay practices within the pro-life movement indicates that the Culture of Death has been embraced by those pro-lifers.  Not only do they risk undermining their pro-life work, but they risk damnation of their own souls to hell.  If that's true for these young people, how much more so for those who should have mentored them properly?

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