Thursday, May 15, 2014

Two Bishops, Appointed To High Posts By The Pope, Besmirch Their High Offices

Let's start with Archbishop Nunzio Galantino, who was appointed by Pope Francis to be the Secretary General of the Italian Bishops' Conference.  In an interview on May 12 he plopped quite a few stinkers.  Let me start with the first, which I take rather personally.  Be sitting down be prepared to calm yourself.  Ready?  Here we go!
  • "In the past we have concentrated too much on abortion and euthanasia.  It mustn't be this way because in the middle there's real life which is constantly changing."  Be patient.  This mess will take a while to unpack.
    • We concentrate "too much" on abortion and euthanasia?  When the archbishop is finally called before the Judgment Throne, I'd love to hear him explain that not only to Our Lord but to all the millions of babies, sick and elderly who have been wantonly murdered via abortion and euthanasia.
    • Does "real life" only occur "in the middle"?  Is this a nod of approval to the murder of the elderly?
    • For all this over-concentration, how many Sunday homilies do we hear during the year on these intrinsic evils?   We might hear one in October, the month designated by the USCCB as "right to life" month or around the January March for Life - but that's it.
    • When 3,500+ babies are butchered every day in the United States alone, how can one dream that we concentrate "too much" on these horrible crimes?
  • "I do not identify with the expressionless faces of those who recite the Rosary outside the clinics who practice interruption of pregnancy."
    • "Clinics who practice interruption of pregnancy"!  Why does not His Excellency call them what they are?  These are death mills where babies are brought to be systematically slaughtered.  Only proponents of baby-murder try to couch their grisly business in this innocuous-sounding language.  Is His Excellency a supporter of abortion?
    • "The expressionless faces of those who recite the Rosary outside the hell holes clinics.."  Well I beg His Excellency's pardon!  As one who has been praying the Rosary and counseling for approximately twenty years now, I take great umbrage at his gratuitous insult of those who do pray and work for an end to abortion - and who sometimes save some lives (I have been graced a few times with that privilege).  We do so at no small cost and only wish many more would join us.  He does not identify with us?  That admission only solidifies my suspicion that he may well be an abortion supporter.  Otherwise, with whom would he identify?
Now we'll examine some of the nonsense emanating from Cardinal Lorenzo Baldiserri, Secretary General of the Synod of Bishops.  I'll do this in "bullet format" as well.
  • He opined that "Familiaris Consortio" written by Saint John Paul II, needs to be "updated".  Why?  Because it's (gasp!) thirty-three years old!  Eeeek!  How ancient!  How thoroughly unmodern!  If he openly states that a thirty-three year old encyclical is outdated, one can only wonder what he thinks of solemn dogmas, etc written hundreds of years ago.  Would he consign them to ash heaps of irrelevance? That seems highly likely.
  • He said "the Church is not timeless".  Yes it is.  It's true that the Church Militant and the Church Suffering will be subsumed into the Church Triumphant at the End of Time, but it's still the Mystical Body of Christ.  More importantly, the Church's God is most timeless - and so are His laws.  I daresay that Cdl Baldiserri is trying to undermine in the thinking of Catholics the immutability of God's Laws as manifested through the Church.
Both these men were appointed to their positions by Pope Francis.  Why is he not demanding their immediate resignations?


  1. This is very disturbing. Pope Francis does not dismiss these Prelates from their positions because he has himself echoed these very same sentiments, only to follow up with an explanation that these issues were important, but at the same time there is too much focus on the "life" issues, and according to him, we need to focus on other issues. far as I am concerned the jury is still out on Pope Francis even a year later. He is the one who appointed the Archbishop and others like him. At this point in time the Holy Father himself seems to be talking out of both sides of his mouth. Very unsettling.

  2. I have also noticed how many Catholic journalists and others in the hierarchy rush to 'clarify' the Holy Father's remarks. The upcoming Synod on Marriage (and Divorced Catholics) will be very interesting. Somehow gives me a feeling of dread.

  3. I am getting a sick headache with all this stuff. Why do we have to work so hard at having Catholics being allowed to just be Catholic and let the Holy Spirit work through them. Good grief. They might be too "comfortable" and should live in the real world.

  4. The Catholic Church will be taken over by the enemies of God from within...

    1. In the end, the Catholic Church will prevail. That is Our Lord's promise.


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