Sunday, January 18, 2015

Catholic Charities And CCHD - Their Scandal Counts Are Ever Mounting

A few days ago I posted the discovery of Lepanto Institute that the director of a CCHD grantee organization (to the tune of $40k) performs same-sex marriage.  That gives us all an idea of his moral compass and how he might choose to misuse the grant that was garnered from the donations of Catholics in the pews.  On the same day, my friend and Catholic Media Colleague, Stephanie Block, published an article in Spero News Forum exposing yet another CCHD grantee called CAFE in New Mexico.  I won't rehash it here; please read it yourselves.  I will point out something she mentioned and that is her plans to expose other grantees in the future.  I'll post these as soon as I see them.  If you would like to do some research on your own (and I highly encourage it), the CCHD 2014-2015 grantee list is online at the USCCB site.  Take a look.  You may wish to download this pdf to your own computers in case it (ahem!) "mysteriously" disappears from the USCCB site!

Not to be outdone in scandal production by its CCHD cousin is Catholic Charities.  They too are rife with their own scandals; of these I have written in the past.  The latest (ht - LifeSiteNews) is their choice of president - Sister Donna Markham, O.P.  She comes with much sordid baggage.  I don't want to re-invent LifeSiteNew's wheel here but I will point out that as prioress of the Adran Dominicans, that order joined with the Catholic Health Association to press for Obamacare.  That order deliberately promulgated the lie that abortion would not at all be facilitated by Obamacare.

Speaking of Catholics shilling for Obamacare, I see that Sister Carol Keehan remains on the Board of Trustees for Catholic Charities.  I wonder if she brings her Pen of Perfidy to the board meetings?

Do not give either of these organizations a penny of your hard-earned money during those in-pew collections .  Same for Catholic Relief Services.  Just say #no2CCHD and #no2CatholicCharities and #no2CRS.

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  1. I hope it's appropriate to put this here but I couldn't figure out how to email you. My name is Oakes Spalding and I have started a new blog called Mahound's Paradise at focusing on radical Islam, the new anti-semitism and Traditional Catholicism. I'm a Traditionalist Catholic. But the aim is to often write with humor and "irreverence" (though of course not to Christ or his Church). I hope it's okay that in my last post I reprinted your Some Catholics Confused Over the Charlie Hebdo Massacre post. I'm not sure my blog fits into any of your "linking" categories but I'll take it if it does. I hope you find it useful and entertaining. Keep up the good work.


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