Friday, January 2, 2015

Latest Cowardice From Knights Of Columbus In Madison Indiana

Recall my post yesterday regarding the shameful capitulation of the Knights of Columbus #934 in Madison Indiana to the lesbians.  I mentioned that the Knights' own Facebook page corroborated the ThinkProgress report of the situation, and linked to that page in my "sorry spectacle" remark.  If you click on it now, you'll notice that the link no longer works.  I know of only one explanation: the Council either took down their facebook page or designated it for private viewing only.  No doubt the light was shining on too many cockroaches there.  They could not stand the scrutiny and rebukes of decent Catholics.

Also recall that I saved screenshots of the two posts in question, as I had a hunch that they might try such a stunt.  Unfortunately I only have posts and comments through 10pm last evening so many comments are now locked away.  But what I have is better than what these less-than-knightly cowards are allowing us to see.  I present to you now a file with several jpgs for your viewing.  Let me point out that at the time the KofC page was not only open to public viewing but also public commenting; I myself left several comments after I captured the images.

Why did they take this page down?  Do they think they will escape the scrutiny of faithful Catholics?  If so they are sadly mistaken.  I urge one and all to contact the grand knight directly.  If anyone knows the district deputy and state deputy, please advise for they too need to take action.  Of course contact the local bishop; his information is on the previous post.

The cowardice currently being displayed by this council is a factor behind the erosion of our religious liberties.  With "friends" such as Knights of Columbus Council #934 in Madison IN, who needs enemies?


  1. Do the Knights on a national level address same sex receptions and parties in Knights facilities?

    1. That's a good question. Are there any Knights who can answer it? They probably should address it pronto since it's obviously a current problem. They might want to rein in their errant brothers in Madison IN.

  2. I have gone online and read several hall rental agreements from various chapters and cannot find anything in any of them regarding this. I did see misrepresentation as a clause in a few that may have helped them in this case. I believe that the Knights as a national organization would probably need to address this. This won't be the last time this comes up. We also want to be careful as they are probably baiting us to show a lack of unity which in itself can be dangerous in a public fashion. The will feed on our outrage. So while this needs addressed it should be done with the contacts you provided directly.

    I wonder if these building are owned by a separate building foundation to protect the state and national groups?

  3. Stand up for our Catholic faith and call Grand Kinght Larry Basham at 812-866-4833 to let him know what a disgrace this is. Be polite but vocal! Also, the Council Offices number is 812-273-1537. The wedding is in April so there is time. If you don't call and fight for our beautiful Catholic faith, who will?


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