Sunday, January 4, 2015

Our Lady Of Fatima Must Be Obeyed TO THE LETTER

I found this video online and believe it deserves consideration.  It's an interview of the late Fr. Malachi Martin.  Please note very carefully Our Lady's words, that Russia must be the object of papal consecration to her Immaculate Heart.  It never sufficed to have a blanket consecration of "the world".  Apologists for this approach can never seem to answer why the popes declined to specify Russia by name, as Our Lady requested.

Unless our pontiffs garner the courage and resolve to consecrate RUSSIA to her Immaculate Heart, they cannot claim to be obeying Our Lady of Fatima, purported quotes from the late Lucia Dos Santos not withstanding.  I too believe that grace departed our Church (although I don't believe that can happen in totality, owing to the sacraments and our Lord's promises), but much harm is being done and many souls are being damned.  That is why we must pray and receive the sacraments so that we can be channels of God's grace to our Church - and we must speak out to call our Church to repentance.

PS - The previous post shows just a few examples of what will continue to happen should Our Lady of Fatima continue to be disobeyed.


  1. Our Lady said that Russia would eventually be consecrated to her Immaculate Heart but IT WOULD BE LATE. Far as I am concerned it is already very LATE but we have to trust her words.

  2. I do consider it absolutely MIRACULOUS that there are even some that are fighting for the true Church of Christ. It is ONLY by grace that this is happening. My H and I attend the NO which is terribly watered down, and we ourselves in the past have more or less gone the road of relativism. It was through a friend that encouraged us to begin saying the Rosary that the grace of sight was given to us. Our Lady's Rosary is THE WEAPON. It was AMAZING how she little by little opened our eyes to TRUTH. We have been blessed beyond all measure. I wish I could convince everyone to pray the Rosary daily. It would turn this entire mess around 100%.


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