Monday, January 26, 2015

Church's Charitable Umbrella Organizations Are Decidedly Uncharitable

During the past two days I linked to stories detailing how the Catholic Campaign for Human Development and Catholic Charities are serving anti-life agendas.  Unfortunately the accounts of their misuse of Catholic money continue to accumulate, and the Catholic Relief Services seems to be following suit.

The Lepanto Institute recently exposed the production by Catholic Relief Services of a sex-education program in Rwanda.  It promotes the usage of abortifacients, contraceptives, masturbation and homosexuality.  The program is called "My Changing Body" and it is produced in partnership with Georgetown University's Institute for Reproductive Health.  Ostensibly Georgetown used to be Catholic, but it too has jettisoned all authentic Catholicism from its life and is Catholic in name only.  The Lepanto site links to their full report on "My Changing Body"and has screenshots of some of the material used by that program.  It is immoral, anti-life - and funded with Catholic donations.

The Lepanto Institute learned something brand-new about the CCHD this week.  We know from many years of their misbehaviors that they've funded all sorts of anti-life and socialistic ventures, but apparently "community organizing" has taken a new turn - marijuana farms!  This is occurring in California (of course!).  The California Center for Cooperative Development received $50k to start some "medical marijuana cooperatives".  Next we hear they'll be starting some avant-garde opium dens or safe-haven needle exchange projects - oh wait! - Catholic Charities beat them to it several years ago!

Speaking of Catholic Charities, they have a new president - Sister Donna Markham.  She worked for a while at Georgetown University (there's that name again!) and then became prioress of the Adrian Dominicans.  Under her less-than-illustrious leadership, this order joined the Catholic Health Association and helped ramrod through Obamacare, in direct opposition to the bishops.  She's been associated with the Leadership Conference of Women Religious, serving a term as its president.  When the Vatican launched its investigation into the LCWR, she waxed both arrogant and indignant at the Church for so doing.  Such is Catholic Charities' leadership.

I do want to highlight a few things about CCHD's ongoing linkage to Alinskyian community organizing.  It is alive and well; one must remember that CCHD was founded with the express purpose of funding socialistic and atheistic endeavors with the contribution dollars of unwitting Catholics.  My colleague Stephanie Block has done much work in exposing these "community organizing" outfits for the menaces that they are.  In this piece she exposes the linkage between the Industrial Areas Foundation with illegal immigration.  Recall that a few days ago I exposed the misdeeds of Action In Montgomery.  AIM was front-and-center with the left-wing as they were shilling for the DREAM Act a year or two ago in Maryland.  AIM is an IAF affiliate.  In her next piece detailing the Senate campaign of rabid pro-abort Loretta Sanchez and IAF's support for her, Stephanie details how Sanchez's supporters relied on the votes of newly-naturalized aliens to defeat pro-life Bob Dornan for the US Congress.

Many Catholics are unaware (or they won't accept) that their contributions to Catholic Charities, Catholic Relief Services and/or Catholic Campaign for Human Development actually serve to undermine the Church and facilitate death and destruction, both spiritually and physically.  It's time to say #no2cchd, #no3crs and #no2cathcharities.

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