Monday, January 19, 2015

Gross Sacrilege At Papal Mass In Manila

This happened last Friday at the Papal Mass.  Our Lord, in the Eucharistic Host, was manhandled, grabbed, mauled, passed about like a mere cookie.  How many particles - or whole Hosts, dropped to the ground, only to be trampled?

If distribution of Holy Communion cannot be done without due reverence and solicitation for the Real Presence, it shouldn't be done at all!  There's no sin in some not receiving: better that than the sacrilege that you'll see as you watch!  What an utter travesty!


  1. You obviously have never attended a papal liturgy in St Peter's Square or even in the Basilica where the distribution of Holy Communion to the multitudes is just as appalling. The canonization of Saint Josemaria Escriva was a particular disgrace for the irreverence towards the Blessed Sacrament.

  2. Lord Jesus HAVE MERCY!!!! I have seen this same type of travesty in an earlier video clip of Pope Francis (when he was Cardinal Bergoglio) doing the same thing standing in the middle of a crowd and practically throwing around the Precious Body like a poker chip. Do these people not realize what they are doing? Do these people not realize that this is Jesus their Lord and Savior? Where is the reverence and respect for Him? You would think someone in this crowd would, but it doesn't appear so.


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