Saturday, January 24, 2015

CCHD - Linked To Abortifacient Distribution In Montgomery County MD

On Sunday I posted a link to the work that Lepanto Institute is doing regarding CCHD's underhanded funding of organizations that are either directly funding anti-God activities or partnering with other such organizations.  On that page was a link to the list of 2014-2015 CCHD grantees, and I'll post that link right here.

In all honesty, I'll inform you that what I relate below is not the result of my research but that of another faithful Catholic of Montgomery County MD.  I've not received permission to divulge their identity.

Almost at the very top of that list you'll notice that Action In Montgomery, within the Archdiocese of Washington, received $75,000.00 of your donation dollars (not mine for I ceased donating to CCHD decades ago).  Please note that AIM is a local affiliate of the Industrial Areas Foundation, founded by Saul Alinsky himself (note - the IAF site has scrubbed all mention of its history, but the wikipedia piece reveals the inconvenient truth of the Alinsky-IAF linkage).  Its leadership team is composed of representatives from various organizations.  One of them is Identity, Inc.  Identity was co-founded by Diego Uriburu, who is its Executive Director.  Recently the White House selected him for honors as a "Champion of Change".  As the blurb indicates, Uriburu is considered to be a proponent of "the rights of latino, immigrant and LGBT communities".  That is to say he openly advocates to have homosexual conduct legitimized.

Last year the Washington Post ran an article detailing how Identity insinuated itself into several Montgomery County schools with the stated aim of "teen pregnancy prevention".  While the article mentioned one of Identity's partners, Mary's Center, it failed to mention another - Taya Health Connection.  I refer readers to their Facebook page and website.  They do dispense contraceptives, Plan B and the "morning after" pill.  The latter two are abortifacients; they induce early abortions.  They are also in the same building that houses Planned Parenthood: where I've been praying for the past 10+ years.  While I'd hope that Taya doesn't refer to them for abortions, I wouldn't be surprised to learn that is occurring.

So there we have it.  The CCHD is funding AIM, which is in turn partially controlled by organizations that are dispensing abortifacients.  It's just another reason to say #no2cchd.

By the way - as you examined the "leader" list of AIM, you might have noticed that two others are connected with St. Martin of Tours Catholic Church in Gaithersburg.  The Catholic hierarchy of MD has been wrongly enamored with the DREAM act, also championed by AIM.  I can only surmise this was a motivation for St. Martin's to jump on the AIM bandwagon.  I point this out to illustrate how the Church hierarchy can and does embroil itself in squalid networks when they seek to glom onto progressive causes favored by the anti-God forces in our culture.

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