Friday, March 18, 2016

Some Future Priests?

The National Catholic Register published an article a while back.  Embedded in the article are five clips of little boys "saying Mass".  There are many, many priests today who got started by doing precisely that.  These little guys are cute and do quite well for their ages, and even despite the fact that they may not be able to read yet.

Enjoy and pray for holy vocations!


  1. Our oldest grandson used to love to "play Mass." He always wanted Larry to be the priest. He was sort of the concelebrating altar boy. It was hilarious and so sweet. We took him to the Shrine in D.C. when he was two and at every one of the side altars he went up and gave a sermon in baby gibberish. He's sixteen now. We pray every day that he is open to the will of God in his life and responds.

  2. I'm 80 now, but was a product of the 1940's Catholic Grade School. I played "Priest" also. I would take a dining room chair and turn it forward to be an altar, cover it with a white dish towel, use a glass goblet and take bread and roll it flat with a rolling pin, and cut small hosts from it and play priest. Oh, forgot to tell you, I'm a girl. I agree now though that only men should be priests as only men were at the Last Supper.


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