Sunday, June 5, 2016

Pope Gives Awards To Three Culture Of Death Proponents

This happened last week at the pontifical foundation that Pope Francis founded.  He presided at a ceremony last week.  During that ceremony, three American actors, enemies of the Church's moral teachings, received the "Olive Medal for Peace".  They are George Clooney, Richard Gere, and Salma Heyak.  I needn't rehash why these three are most unworthy of any recognition by the Church.  See here and here for their dismal track records.

Our real focus should be why the Pope allowed such anti-life individuals to be the recipients of any award from a Catholic institution.  Ostensibly it was due to their activism for "climate change", terrorism and war.  Somehow I suspect the first - "climate change" - was the real driver behind this regrettable decision.  The pope and the marxist henchmen in the Vatican have been using the climate change hoax for some time now to justify their glomming onto the UN's population control agenda - an agenda that incorporates abortion and contraception into its plans.  All three "stars" advocate for these evils (Clooney being the most prominent).

In allowing these awards to be bestowed by a Catholic organization, the pope is sending a clear message that those babies who will be threatened by the UN and by Planned Parenthood are of no worth to him.  The author of the LifeSiteNews piece holds forth the possibility that the pope acted in ignorance.  While I understand their attempt to hold him blameless, I cannot condone it.  It attempting to hold him blameless, they are in fact displaying a patronizing, condescending attitude towards him in pretending that he's too ignorant to know the public stances of these American.  Too much has happened over the years for us to play these "pretend" games in regards to the pope.  We need to face reality so that we can do what is needed to preserve the Faith for ourselves and those whom we love.

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