Monday, June 27, 2016

Today's Abortion Ruling - A Smack On The Head For Some GOP Crybabies

By now most people have heard the Supreme Court's decision on Whole Women's Health Versus Hellerstedt, that essentially gutted Texas' HB 2.  It is a disaster for women as it essentially crippled common-sense regulations for abortuaries.  The ruling was 5-3, with Kennedy joining the usual pro-abort contingent.

If there is a "take-away" for the pro-life community (and all decent people), this underscores the absolute importance of this upcoming presidential election and the need for every one of us to work to defeat the Democratic nominee.  Both Clinton and Sanders have made plain their intentions to further ensconce baby-murder within the fabric of American society.  I fear that whoever the Democrat nominee is, he/she just might win the White House.  Moreover, I believe that if they do so, one leading cause will be the utter stupidity of some who are Christians and pro-life.

It now appears that the GOP nominee might well be Donald Trump.  In the primaries I voted for Ted Cruz because I believe that Cruz' pro-life credentials are far superior to that of Trump's.  Trump's are shaky at best.  There are those in the pro-life community who hold to the stupidly simplistic notion, though, that Trump is no less pro-abortion than the Democrats and thus they intend not to vote for him.  I will now address them directly in the "first-person".

You erroneously hold Trump and Hillary (presumptive Democrat nominee) to be equal in holding malevolent political views.  In doing so, you simply demonstrate that you have no sense of perspective whatsoever.  While there may be uncertainty regarding Trump's stances on abortion, there is absolute certainty regarding Hillary's positions; she has made no secret that she intends to pave the way for further bloodshed in this country.  Is that the certainty that you want to unleash on this country?

You state that your "principles" won't allow you to vote for the "lesser of two evils".  I've dealt so much with the principle of double effect, but will do so again.  A vote for Trump (or the GOP nominee) is not so much voting for "the lesser of two evils" as much as it is acting positively to reduce the harm to be done and to preserve as much good as possible.

Some of you have gone so far as to say that "if Trump is the GOP nominee we deserve Hillary" and you're just fine with Hillary waltzing into the White House; you've said so outright.  I think it's quite telling that from this crowd I see many "#nevertrump" hashtags but hardly ever see these (#neverhillary) tags.  You do so citing their "principles".  May I suggest that if their "principles" impel you to stand by and offer no opposition to Hillary, that your "principles" are not worth a pile of cow-poop?

Some of you have gone through ridiculous logical contortions to justify not voting this November.  Here's one gem I've seen rather frequently: "You say my non-vote for Trump is in Hillary's favor?  Well then my non-vote for Hillary is in Trump's favor".  That's not how it works.  Any reduction in the vote for the GOP nominee means that the Democrat will have fewer opposing votes to overcome to win the election - that's the simple math.

Thus far I've been addressing comments to the #nevertrump crowd, but another demographic group needs to cease their snit-fits as well.  The GOP convention has not yet occurred.  I've no idea of the various machinations that can occur in the conventions, but there is an outside chance that Trump will not be the nominee.  Similar to what I've been hearing from the #nevertrump crowd, I've been hearing from Trump fans that if the nomination is "stolen" from Trump, then it will be they who sit out the election.  Do you see how both camps are carrying on like they're still stuck in kindergarten?

You who are in either camp must get over your petty rivalries (and that is what they are, sanctimonious prattle about "principles" notwithstanding).  Hillary must be stopped and we must act positively to stop her.  Any who dare not vote or "vote third-party" may well find yourselves with the blood of innocent babies on your hands - oh, not to the extent of abortionist to be sure.  But if you refuse to act proactively to prevent the damage that Hillary will do if she's given the chance, you will bear some of the moral responsibility for that.

No matter who wins the GOP nomination, let's put on our big-people pants and vote for that GOP nominee so as to prevent a truly evil Democrat from taking the White House.

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  1. I agree with you 1000%!!!!!!!! People are so vindictive if they don't get the candidate 'they want', that they bite off their nose to spite their face. There seems to be no common sense anymore even with so called 'conservatives.' The diabolical disorientation is absolutely EVERYWHERE!!!!


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