Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Jesuit Kiss-Up To Islam In Wake Of Orlando Massacre Follows Progressive Script

In the Jesuit progressive rag known as "America", we read an article - on the heels of the Orlando shootings - entitled "Shall We Fast In Ramadan?".  Of course it's written by a Jesuit.  In a saner time, the majority of Catholics would have responded to that question along the lines of "HELL, NO!!"  Leaving aside (for the moment) the tenets of Islam that call for butchery, rape of women, jihad, etc, we as Catholics cannot affirm in the slightest one single act of idol worship.  And yes, "allah" is a false idol, if not an actual demon.

Yesterday Attorney General Loretta Lynch let loose with the preposterous claim that the motive of Omar Mateen "may never be known".  She preferred to use this massacre to shill for "gun control".   She also announced that when transcripts of Mateen's conversations are released, they will be scrubbed of any references to his Islamic mindsets.   Got that?  She claims that Mateen's reasons "may never be known" while at the same time obfuscating all evidence that make his jihadic motivations obvious to any but the most self-deluded progressive (such as the writers and staff of America).

This isn't the first time she's done damage-control for Muslims.  Last December she hinted that the Justice Department could investigate speech "hostile towards Muslims".  After that went viral on the internet, she had to do some damage-control for herself and attempted to back-pedal.

It really is disappointing to watch Catholic publications fall lock-step behind the most godless administration in the history of the United States of America.  Sadly it's not surprising.


  1. Of course it's not surprising! The "Catholic" left (if you really want to classify them as "Catholic") is as diabolically insane (if not MORE SO) than the progressive left!....... It looks like a competition between them as to which group can come off the most illogical, and lack the most common sense. LOL!! It really would be laughable if not so devastating for the Church. Laughing through my tears.

  2. Pope St. JPII should have suspended this order back then and maybe we wouldn't have what is seated in Rome?

  3. The Jesuits lost their minds and their faith a long time ago. There are still a few rare orthodox Jesuits left, but darn few. In the meantime, Jesuit colleges and universities are beyond paganism and no intelligent Catholic parent would put a nickel toward the faux education received at their schools of scandal. May they all go bankrupt and belly-up!

  4. My son plays travel baseball and he had practice in a city quite some ways from ours. This town is sort of known for its... uh, diversity (I am beginning to hate that word).

    I decided to go to the local parish to pray and see if I could get a priest to hear my confession (the parish is the epitome of modernist dreck - took me forever to find the tabernacle).

    They had yard signs in front and back of this parish that read "We stand shoulder-to-shoulder with Muslims".

    I thought to myself "Like the two who recently killed 63 or so people?"

    Good grief.

    Catechist Kev

  5. Amen, Mary Ann.

    I would not *allow* any of our children to go to any of the Jesuits schools that are nearest us (especially Marquette).

    Catechist Kev

  6. I hate Jesuits. All of them.

    Seattle kim

    1. There are a few decent ones and they must. E quite beleaguered. Father Fessio comes to mind.


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