Friday, June 24, 2016

Why #Brexit Bodes Well For The Church And Western Civilization

Today the people of Great Britain voted to leave the European Union.  This was a vote that the progressive powers that be, from David Cameron to George Soros to Barack Obama to the EU gnomes in Brussels did not want to happen.  Today the British people voted to retrieve their national sovereignty.  The one-government, new-world-order leviathan was dealt a crippling blow.  May many more follow.

Recall in 2009 that Pope Benedict reminded leaders of the EU not to forget their Christian roots.  He did this because the EU flat out refused to refer to this crucial aspect of European history in its founding documents.  In 2003 the European Parliament passed a resolution to call on its member nations to legalize abortion.  The EU's so-called "Human Rights Commissioner" exerted pressure on Poland to mandate sex education and to provide unfettered access to abortion and contraception.  Malta has faced similar pressures.  The EU has also made plain its intentions to force its member countries to recognize same-sex #mowwidge.

The above paragraph makes plain why no Catholic can support the European Union as it currently exists.  Its very existence runs counter to the Catholic social principle of subsidiarity.  It does seem that when governmental bodies are granted too much power, then indeed they do assume behaviors that are characteristic of tin-horn dictators.  EU members have been subject to dictates to admit illegal immigrants and to regulate their industries to the wazoo.  Last year, the EU's "Council" chastised British mothers for the high crime and misdemeanor of (gasp!) staying home and raising their own children!  I'd be willing to bet that some of these mothers voted to leave the EU today.

Today the hulking beast known as the European Union was given some comeuppance. Its overreaching power has been curtailed to an appreciable degree.  This can only provide relief to those Catholics who've been struggling to practice Catholic morality under the threat of the thinly-veiled tyranny known as the European Union.

On LouderWithCrowder we see some benefits to the British vote listed.  We also see similar moves afoot in the U.S. to free ourselves from progressive international tyrants.  Last week Rep Mike Rogers introduced H.R. 1205, American Sovereignty Restoration Act, to cause the withdrawal of the United States from the United Nations and to cease our funding of the UN.  Owing to the UN's own embrace of anti-life and atheistic progressivism, it has earned the moniker that I gave it several years ago - Useless Nincompoops.

Ladies and gentlemen, godless progressivism can be beat back.  We must pray and hold fast to our Catholic faith, both in our reception of the Sacraments and in the public square.  Obviously we need to come en masse to the polls in the presidential election.  Some have cynically claimed that we shouldn't bother to vote because the results are already stacked.  Well, if any vote should have been rigged, it was the Brexit vote.  If indeed it was rigged, the number of decent people voting was enough to offset any rigging.  Will we have the resolve to do the same in November?  Will we also have the resolve to combat progressivism in the Church?


  1. Great job! Also, thanks for the H.R. 1205 American Sovereignty Restoration Act link and info. That would be a gift from God! Some commenter suggested doing UNEXIT like BREXIT but I would suggest USEXITUN. Obviously, I'm not part of facebook nor twitter and lack hashtag creativity. Thanks, again, and God bless you and your family!

  2. Even without EU UK has abortion and gay marriage, promote homosexual and abortion agenda in other countries.

    1. True,England does. My point,however, is that the EU has been breathing down the necks of predominantly Catholic countries such as Malta and Poland to get them to legalize abortion etc. To the extent that the EU beast is weakened, all other moral people may breathe a little easier.

    2. I'm a member of the Catholic Church also, but they and the bishops in the UK decline to have a position on Brexit, which was quite disappointing the least.


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