Thursday, December 1, 2016

From The Niggers Of The New Age Department - Persecution By Dissident Bishops

It's one thing for faithful Christians to be maltreated by secular society for holding fast to the moral teachings of Jesus Christ.  It's quite another for faithful Catholics and priests to be knifed in the back because they are living and speaking in accord with the Faith.  Thanks to Amoralis Lamentia, rogue bishops are doing precisely that with increasing frequency.

I wrote recently of San Diego Bishop McElroy ordering his priests to sin by offering Holy Communion to flagrant adulterers.  Now it appears that indeed one of his priests is in his crosshairs.  Father Richard Perozich of Immaculate Conception Catholic Church wrote some columns in his parish bulletin of matters of Catholic morality.  His columns were faithful to Church Tradition and contradicted some pet causes of the progressive elements in the hierarchy - including McElroy.  The latter forbade anymore such columns in the parish bulletin.

Meanwhile, across the Atlantic Ocean in Scotland, Father Matthew Despard has been ordered to leave his parish.  Some time ago, he wrote a book called "Priesthood In Crisis".  It revealed the workings of the gay influence among Catholic clergy.  First he was removed from ministry because he "injured reputations".  For his telling of truth, he is being punished.

Of course the four cardinals who wrote the dubia are taking flack from some of their errant brothers.  Cardinal Claudio Hummes of Brazil recently rebuked them.  His line of reasoning is that "we are 200, they are only 4". Leaving aside for the moment that other bishops are speaking out, we ask precisely what his statement proves.  Since when is truth defined by consensus or majority?  Is Hummes so ignorant of Church history that he fails to consider other faithful prelates who stood alone, such as Athanasius or John Fisher?

In the Netherlands and Belgium, some dissident bishops have adopted another tactic.  They have changed the words of the Lord's Prayer - the Our Father as it is prayed at Mass.  Remember - this was a prayer dictated to the disciples by Our Lord Himself.  These false shepards have the audacity to edit what Jesus clearly said.  They know better than Our Lord?  The words are changed so that they trivialize the truths regarding sin and tempation.  When coupled with the suggestions in Amoralis Lamentia that those in mortal sin be allowed to receive Holy Communion, we can see how faith is being weakened, along with a proper regard for the Sacraments.

We'll see more of these incidents in the next coming days.  I will post as I'm able to shed the light on cockroaches and to hopefully awaken others to the need to pray and speak out.

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