Friday, December 16, 2016

Cardinal Burke On EWTN Dec 15

In this interview with Raymond Arroyo that was released yesterday. Cardinal Burke answers his critics and restates the need for the dubia and for fidelity to the timeless teachings of Jesus Christ.

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  1. EXCELLENT!! Thanks so very much for posting this!! I didn't get to see it on Thursday past, and wasn't even aware that Raymond interviewed Cdl. Burke, but this was a clear concise and very frank discussion of where we stand and where we go from here. One thing, however, that I somewhat disagree with is the good Cardinal's take on the 'schism' that is so very apparent presently. How can you call it anything other than a 'schism' when the attacks of the Pope and his henchmen are so vicious, and stubbornly holding on to the heresy that is in A.L.? The Dubia is asking for 'clarification' from the Pope, not criticizing him for the error that seems to be obvious. I do think the Cardinals want him to stand for the truth of Christ and put to rest the 'confusion', so that we can walk together WITH the Lord in His TRUE Church, and find our way OUT of the schism we find ourselves in. This all said, I don't have much hope that the Pope will answer the Dubia, he seems to have wedged himself into a corner. If he answers correctly as to the TRUTH of the teaching of the Church, he basically betrays his own beliefs and goals to change the teaching. If he answers according to his personal 'theology' on this question, he will declare himself a heretic. Of course, he knows all this and has decided the best plan of action is not to answer at all, and only to attack the Cardinals and the faithful that are behind them even in calling them 'unstable'.

    LOL......We need to have sweatshirts or Tea Shirts made that say: "Proud to be an Unstable Rigid Catholic, and a Deplorable American."


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