Sunday, December 18, 2016

Reign Of Terror In The Vatican

Steve Jalsevac, one of the founders of LifeSiteNews, published yesterday a piece in which he details the horror that the Vatican has become under this pontificate.   He quotes from first-hand sources who must remain anonymous for obvious reasons.  I've heard similar stories about the climate at the DC chancery; as the case with Jalsevac, I'm not at liberty to divulge my sources.  I link to the article now and urge you to read it.  How anyone can continue to pretend that all is sweetness and light with this pontificate is beyond the comprehension of any sane person.


  1. Indeed the mafioso has infiltrated the Vatican. Timing is everything and I am disappointed that it took the Cardinals this long to call on Francis to 'clarify'. It gave him too much time to put in place his apostate clerics and dispose of faithful ones. He has now successfully 'stacked the deck' with his ravenous wolves that are hungry to tear the Church of Christ to shreds. The longer time goes on..........the more successful he will be to accomplish his destruction. He needed to be stopped YESTERDAY!

  2. If you hadn't thrown away your old Catholic books, you would have known this was predicted. Way back in the 18th even.

    1. "If you hadn't throuwn away your old Catholic books"?? What do you mean by that snide crack? If you do reply, lose the snarky attitude or I will not permit it on this blog.

  3. I understand Mrs Clinton had a similar reign over her underlings. Birds of a feather...

  4. Even if this was predicted (prophesied) it doesn't mean that we as Catholics sit back and do and say NOTHING. We are called to defend Our Lord in His Church!! We are after all the CHURCH MILITANT! What on earth do you think it means to be the 'Church Militant' Roseanne? Our faith tells us that WE.........THE CHURCH MILITANT, are to defend Our Lord in His Church even if we have to defend Him from errant clergy, and even from an errant Pope if need be. There are too many 'Catholics' who really don't know their own faith!


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