Thursday, December 1, 2016

Islamic Terrorism - Courtesy Of Catholic Charities

Two years ago it was revealed that various Catholic Charities offices in Texas were receiving millions in federal grants to facilitate massive immigration, some of it illegal.  One of those outlets was the one in Dallas.

On Monday, a Somalian immigrant plowed his car into a crowd at Ohio State University, then began stabbing bystanders.  He was shot by a police officer.  ISIS is taking "credit" for the act.  But perhaps ISIS shouldn't hog all the dubious "glory".  Some of that "glory" belongs to Catholic Charities of Dallas.

From Breitbart News we read that the terrorist and his family entered the US through Texas and were resettled by Catholic Charities in June 2014.  This is yet another illustration why nations who seek reasonable security at their borders are not to be demonized by progressives in the Church.  Well, let me rephrase that for they obviously are going to run their mouths about that.  This is why we must oppose them and rebuke them for they play the "useful idiots" for those who seek to destroy civilization.


  1. This is maddening, and why we can't support our local church! We don't want money going to bring in more Muslims to our nation, it just doesn't make existential sense for us to do that. The church is now being "reimbursed" by billionaire atheists like George Soros. They don't need "us" any longer, they have their reward. We are completely disgusted by the USCCB, and indeed, Pope Francis and his minions. I mean, they see Europe and how bad it is. This can only be about a One World Government, and ridding the world of the Judeo-Christian influence. How else can you explain people clamoring for MORE of the population committed to their destruction? It makes no sense on any level except that one. These are destroyers in our church. God help us to resist them.

  2. / Indonesian Ex muslim Forum

    Apostates from Islam have been executed for 1400 years in accord with the Koran and the words and actions of the Islamic prophet Mohammed and Islamic law, Sharia.


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