Friday, December 9, 2016

Amoris Laetitia Or The One True Faith - Each Catholic Must Choose

A few weeks ago I wrote how Cardinal Farrell knotted his knickers because Archbishop Chaput had the audacity to act like a real bishop.  The latter issued guidelines for Catholics in his own diocese, telling his flock that Church Tradition took precedence over Amoralis Lamentia.  Now it seems like Farrell will soon be taking pot-shots at Archbishop Sample for doing the same thing.  Sample's clear and accurate statement "accepting an erroneous judgment of conscience is neither mercy nor charity" will not sit well with Farrell and the others who hope to exploit ambiguity so that God's teachings may be undermined.

Thankfully we do see an increasing number of those who are standing with the four cardinals in approval and support of the dubia.  A number of churchmen issued an open "Letter of Support Of The Four Cardinals From Catholic Academics And Pastors".  Church Militant TV interviewed Dr. Joseph Shaw, one of the signers of that letter.  When asked whether or not he believes schism is brewing, he replied, "it seems appropriate to use the language of schism."

He was commenting on a statement made earlier by Bishop Athanasius Schneider.  When asked if the pope's silence in regards to the dubia increases the risk of schism, he replied that "a certain type of schism already exists in the Church."  In a meeting this past Monday he remarked, "the reaction to the dubia is a proof of the climate in which we actually live in the Church right now.  We live in a climate of threats and of denial of dialogue towards a specific group."  Of course that specific group is those who faithfully adhere to the teachings of Jesus Christ despite the rubbish found in Amoralis Lamentia and other progressive flim-flam.  At that Monday meeting, also in attendance were Cardinals Burke and Brandmuller, two of the four cardinals; Bishop Schneider chaired it.  Amoralis Lamentia was discussed, as well as courses of action to be taken.

Professor Roberto de Mattei, also in attendance, stated that "it is important to comprehend that today there is a clear choice between fidelity to the Church, to the perennnial Magisterium, or infidelity, which means errors, heresy and apostacy."  He has taken his stand with the four cardinals against the mess found in Amoralis Lamentia.  Each and every Catholic faces that choice, like it or not.  Ora et labora.

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