Monday, December 19, 2016

Events Of Today Dec 19 2016

St. Januarius was a bishop who was martyred under the Roman emperor Diocletian.  Read here for the story of his martyrdom and the miracle that has been occurring with respect to his blood that was preserved as a relic.  The blood liquefies three times a year and has been doing so all along.  Only three times has it failed to liquefy and each of those times has been a foreboding of disaster.  One of the days the blood liquefies is December 19th.  Today it failed to do so.

Also of significance today is the assassination of the Russian ambassador to Turkey.  The assassination was done quite openly by an off-duty Turkish police officer.  Obviously we don't know what the response of Putin will be.

We also heard today that Cardinal Burke and the other Cardinals will issue a formal correction of Amoris Laetitia soon after the completion of the Christmas season.  It makes sense to wait till then as to not distract from the truth of the Incarnation of Jesus.  His Eminence discussed this in an interview with LifeSiteNews.

Last but not least, today the Electoral College formally elected Donald Trump as the next President of the United States.  It will be a relief to have an adult in charge of the White House once again.  I suppose we'll next be hearing, from college towns where progressives reign, that there is a run on vital supplies such as diaper pins, crayons and play-dough.

Now consider that next October will be the 100th anniversary of the Fatima apparitions.  Many things do seem to be converging.  We must continue to pray for that all will repent and beg God for His mercy.


  1. Exactly 100 years between the Jesus appearing to Margaret-Mary in Paray-le-Monial (1689) asking for the consecration of France's kingdom to His Sacred Heart by the reigning king and the beginning of the french Revolution (1789). The king Louis XVI ultimately performed the consecration in 1792 while jailed, a few months before he was beheaded.
    Remember: Tee consecration of Russia to the IHM never was made by the Pope according to our Lady's exact wishes.

    1. False. Sr. Lucia herself said it was done. Stop spreading lies.

    2. We never heard from Sr Lucia herself - only alleged quotes. Our Lady of Fatima was quite specific in asking that Russia be singled out for consecration by name. That did not happen.. The notion that it did is the real lie.


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