Friday, December 2, 2016

Masons And Mafia In The Vatican?

A few days ago I wrote of the none-too-veiled threats emanating from the Dean of the Roman Rota, Archbishop Pio Vito Pinto.  Some of my blogging colleagues nicknamed him "Don Vito", owing to his mafia-esque demeanor in issuing his threats.  Well, it turns out they aren't that far off the mark.  One Peter Five reveals that while Don Vito may not be a mafioso, he is a mason.  Membership in secret societies such as the freemasons is forbidden to Catholics.

I urge all to read that last link carefully, along with the other embedded links.  The one entitled Paul VI Beatified? is an eye-opener.  It's a pdf, therefore downloadable.  I'd suggest you do so.

I must admit that when I first read Pinto's threats, my thoughts went immediately to another Don Vito and to the music below.  Whether or not the mafia has invaded the Church remains a possibility; the invasion of the masons is a fact.


  1. Absolutely!!!! The Vatican is TEAMING with Masons!!! The mask is now OFF for all to see!!!

  2. How on earth could we possibly rid the church of this infestation of sodomites and freemasons, Satanists and occultists? It is not humanly possible! No pope could do it, although once I thought he could. I no longer think so. Only God can do something about this.

  3. I read just today on the 'Leptano Institute' website, that St. Maximilian Kolbe witnessed with his own eyes a 'parade' of Masons in St. Peter's Square in 1917, with banners that said: 'Satan must reign in the Vatican, the Pope will be his slave.' Obviously all this to his astonishment and horror.


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