Thursday, March 30, 2017

California, Lapdogs Of Planned Parenthood, Lunge At David Daleiden

David Daleiden and Sandra Merritt of Center for American Progress are again targets of progressive persecution for telling truth regarding Planned Parenthood.  This time it's the State of California that has brought bogus charges against them.  Why bogus?  These charges have to do with the undercover reporting.  In California, animal rights supporters have used the same methodologies in researching their causes, and they are lauded by California officials.  So why the blatant preferential treatment?  Are the California politicians being bribed by Planned Parenthood donations?  Are they simply acting out their own pro-abortion designs?  At any rate, California is engaging in gross miscarriage of justice.  They may have been trying to preempt the video that CMP just released, which is below.

After watching, please go to the youtube page.  If you have the tools, I'd suggest that you download this, and the unedited version, in case legal maneuvering impels the removal of the videos.

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