Sunday, March 19, 2017

Yoo-hoo! Chuck Short! USCCB! Wakey-wakey!

You who dare prostitute the moral authority of the Catholic Church to do the bidding of your progressive puppet-masters and sugar-daddies in your shilling for unbridled immigration, face these two accounts of what happened here in Montgomery County (here and here) right now!  Because of your reckless clamoring to have our national borders effectively dissolved, you share much of the moral guilt for what happened to that young girl!

Are all the federal grants that you receive for being the good little progressive lemmings really worth it?  Sadly, I suspect you would answer in the affirmative.  Hopefully, under President Trump's watch, despite your callous disregard for the people of this country, the story cited above won't be repeated - at least not as often as you might allow.


  1. Follow the money trail and you will see the direction of many bishops...

  2. We, as practicing Catholics, are now disregarding the words of this pope AND the USCCB. We cannot trust these men any longer to pass along the faith as given to us by Christ, and, they have shown such wanton disregard for Catholicism and Catholics that we no longer want to hear them on matters either temporal OR eternal. These men have sold out the Church for political correctness, their own careers, and money. They tolerate and/or embrace sodomy, homosexuality, pederasty. To hear them use Christ and our Christian faith as excuses for filling our nations with Muslims who follow Islam, an ideology which is by definition in complete contrast to our Constitution, is an affront to their vows of ordination. Islam is a virulent and dangerous ideology, and this should be clear and obvious to any casual observer, let alone a Catholic, who should know the history of Islam and the West. They threaten to take over "by the long sword or the short sword". This means they will take over lands by cutting off heads or babies. No nation is obligated to open their borders to immigrants flooding in. America is a generous nation, always has been, but we are under no such moral obligation, nor is any nation. Europe is suffering under the weight and terrorism of Islam's migrants (invaders) but one would never know it listening to the pope or these sycophant Bishops and Cardinals.
    They are offering their own people, Christ's people, on the altar of political correctness and to keep their comforts. That is called "selling out", among other less polite terms. Judases!!


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