Friday, March 24, 2017

USCCB Releases Amnesty Screed After Illegals Brutalize Young Girl

The entire nation has heard what happened a few days ago at Rockville High School, less than a half-hour's drive from my own home.  A 14-yr-old girl was brutally raped by two immigrants, with at least one of them here illegally and facing deportation due to another crime.  Although the immigrants are 17 and 18 years old, they were allowed to register in that school as freshmen.  Of course the lame-stream media did their best to cover up the illegal status of the thugs but thanks to the internet the truth is out.  I don't have time in this post to go into details.  Suffice it to say that county and school officials are in major cover-up mode since they do hope to have Maryland declared a "sanctuary state".  The Superintendent of Schools has gone so far as to accuse concerned parents of being racists and xenophobes.  Governor Hogan is demanding answers from Montgomery County - as well he should.  We pray for that poor young lady as she recovers from the trauma of her brutal rape.  If there is one thin silver lining to this cloud, it may be the awakening of the parents and some citizens; at least one woman is rethinking her former liberalism.  Let us remember this in 2018.  We must vote out that entire school board, certainly that superintendent and those in Annapolis who are behind this cockamamie "sanctuary state" crap.

Meanwhile, London is reeling from a Muslim terrorist attack at the Westminster Bridge and the grounds of Parliament.  Five people are dead.  Although the Mayor of London, himself a Muslim, is downplaying the Muslim connection, the Islamic State is claiming responsibility for it.  London authorities are investigating other potential terrorist threats.  Again we see signs of realization on the parts of some, but will it be too little and too late?

Others, though, continue to dig in their heels regarding the farce known as multiculturalism and unbridled immigration and amnesty for those who break immigration laws (like the two rapists in Rockville).  I speak primarily of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops.  Yesterday they released a screed called "Living As A People Of God In Unsettled Times".  As you read this gobblygoop, you'll notice the ever-present obfuscation of the real concerns of faithful Catholics.  Forgive me for sounding like a broken record, but we simply want our immigration laws to be respected for the sake of all concerned - especially for the sake of those immigrants who are honorable and who enter the country via already-established channels.  These good people don't deserve to be vilified as "racists", "xenophobes", or whatever epithets the progressives like to fling about.

The bishops sure like to misquote the Scriptures, don't they?  "When an alien resides with you in the land, do not mistreat such a one."  Is it "mistreating" the alien to expect him or her to abide by the laws of the land, just as everyone else does?  I could go on and on about this and maybe will do so in a future post.   I will say two things, though.

First, bear in mind that the impetus behind this guilt-trip attempt may not be entirely altruistic.  The USCCB and Catholic Charities have a lot of Federal grant money tied up with the facilitation of mass immigration.  I have written much in general about the USCCB's blind following of the progressives in regards to illegal immigration.  When it comes to this issue, the US Catholic hierarchy may well be motivated by their financial bottom lines.  See this and this

Second, consider that the USCCB spewed forth this vomit right after the events in Rockville and London.  These acts of violence were perpetrated by thugs who had no intentions of assimilating in their host cultures.  The governments of both Montgomery County and London, being run by progressives, have been way too cavalier in their admittance of harmful immigrants, to the detriment of their citizens.  The USCCB is likewise acting irresponsibly - or maybe, in their case, greedily.


  1. Outrageous. Why do we have bishop's conferences? They do little more than lobby for cultural Marxism with a veneer of Christianity.

  2. Absolutely the USCCB is not only useless to the faithful, they have betrayed us with their watered down modernized Catholicism. And now, they have no concerns of putting the citizens of this country at risk in order to collect their 30 pieces of silver from the government. A pathetic bunch that needs to implode, in which I am hoping the current President assists them with. He needs to drain the swamp of the Catholic hierarchy in the U.S.

  3. We cannot, in good conscience, support financially this church. It is way past time for Catholics to understand this is a battle, and we are in it, whether we want to be or not. To refuse to take a side is to take a side. There will be no one who can sit on the fence any longer.
    Multiculturalism is a failed ideology and religion. It has many zealous adherents, including perfectly "nice" people who sincerely believe that to allow their nations and towns to be invaded is to be a good Christian. This is what our current pope has told them, so, they are not acting without cause. The USCCB has proven itself to be a Marxist organization, with that tiniest veneer of Christianity glazing the top. It is not. I cannot believe, even as I type this, that this is my opinion of the men who run the Church that I love so dearly.
    But this is where we are. We must face it and act accordingly.
    If we do not, as part of Western culture, man up and face hard facts, that Islam cannot be assimilated into our Western culture, and we must stop, NOW, further immigration of Muslim people into our lands, and increase our monitoring of those mosques and people who are here NOW, we are simply going to see an increase in suffering, attacks, killings, butcherings, of our own people, our families, our loved ones, our communities.
    Do not look to the USCCB to lead us any longer. Do not look to the pope. We are on our own in this, and must use our Catholic conscience to look at reality, look at facts, and arrive at logical conclusions.
    But do it quickly. Time is running out. Decide, will you continue to pretend Islam is a "religion of peace", or will you right conclude the more of Islam you have, the more violence and mayhem you will get.

  4. Thank you for this additional information about the evil continuing from USCCB and its member Bishops. While hard to believe, the Bishop in the diocese of Lexington, KY has issued and posted a letter on the Dioc. site essentially suggesting that parishes in his charge consider providing sanctuary status in their Churches and property to prevent illegals from being apprehended and appropriately deported. While this diocese is less than 30 years old, it was built on a soft, sandy foundation from the start and it gets worse. God bless us all!

  5. The USCCB has no authority save that carved out for it from above (where the Holy See leaves certain decisions to them) or from below when an individual bishop decides to make a USCCB decision/policy his own. Unless and until either of those things happen, they can be safely ignored. Often tomes it is the flunkies who write these things and get one or two bishops to sign off on it.

  6. The US Bishops seem to thing that illegals filling the pews will bring in money. That's what this about and when girls are raped, old women are murdered and men are killed by drunks with no license, no insurance and no business being in the US that is "regrettable" but you have to break eggs to get a beautiful omelet. The US Bishops have forgotten or don't care that those "broken eggs" are American lives.


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