Thursday, March 9, 2017

Cardinal Wuerl Tries To Talk Up Pope Francis

A few days ago, the Jesuit heresy-rag known as America published an interview that they conducted with Cardinal Wuerl.  No one should be the least bit surprised that Wuerl would converse with them for they seem to be kindred spirits.  We read in this piece a number of stinkers plopped by His Eminence.
  • He said the pope "is changing the papacy".  Uh-uh!  No can do!  This is an office created by Our Lord Himself.  The pope is the chief shepherd of the Church and he must see to the salvation of its members, guarding the Deposit of Faith.  Note: that verb is "guarding" not "changing".
  • He also said the pope is "completely refocusing the role of bishop".  Don't you just adore the fact that no specifics are given regarding this "refocusing"?  What is meant by that?  Are we to be kept guessing?  I think that's the idea lest we take action to protect the office of bishop.
  • He carried on about the pope restoring "the Vatican II themes of collegiality and synodality".  But as LifeSiteNews reminds us (and as I've written in the past), all that "collegiality and synodality" went out the window as Pope Francis and his cronies (Wuerl being one of them) ramrodded through the two reports from the synods of the family.
  • Of Amoralis Lamentia, he said "It told us that we have to get back, as the council said, to a moral theology that rests on scripture and Jesus’ command to love and to the virtues that are the signs of a moral life, not the rigid following of the letter of the law."  Notice how the false dichotomy trick is being implemented here: that is, taking two aspects of Jesus' teachings and pretending that they're at odds with each other, usually done to vilify Catholics faithful to the doctrines of Our Lord Himself.  I for one remember Jesus saying in the Gospel of John "he who loves me obeys my commandments.  For all you faithful moral theologians out there: is not this juxtaposing of various words of Jesus against each other its own form of blasphemy, to insinuate that God contradicts Himself?
I could spend all night unpacking this mess but time forbids it.  Christopher Ferrara has an analysis of the mess.  I will conclude with this thought.  The cardinal said, "This Holy Father has recognized that marriage in the culture in which we live needs to be totally renewed. But you can’t do this without recognizing that this is a different moment in history to 25 years ago, and the people the church is talking to don’t understand the words the same way as we do."

NEWS FLASH!  Many people inside the Church - and in high places - are either ignorant of the Church's teachings or they hold them in utter contempt.  For example, Bishop Sorondo, at the Biological Extinction Conference, said, "Many times, we don’t know exactly what is the doctrine of the Church – we know some part but not all the doctrine of the Church about the question of the fecundity."  Mind you, this is a highly-placed bishop, the chancellor of two pontifical academies, blithely admitting ignorance of basic teachings that any Catholic school child of two generations ago would have learned before graduating.  And now I'll leave you with Gloria TV.

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