Friday, March 9, 2018

More Faithful Catholics Fighting Rot Inside The Church - Update At Bottom

Last month faithful Catholics were instrumental in keeping the heretical Father James Martin from spewing his poison via "lenten reflections" at a New Jersey parish.  In two weeks, Martin will speak at Chicago's Holy Name Cathedral.  He is doing so at the express invitation of Cardinal Blaise Cupich.  Yes, he's the same Cardinal who made nice-nice with pro-abort Dick Durbin after Bishop Paprocki instructed his priests to obey Canon 915 if Durbin were to present himself for Holy Communion.

Again Catholics are raising their voices in Chicago.  The staunchly Catholic group Tradition, Family and Property will be spearheading a protest during his appearances.  Other faithful Catholics will be joining them.  The TFP is spearheading a prayer of reparation on account of  Martin's poisonous promulgations scheduled to happen at the University of Cincinnati on March 24.  Martin will be joined by gay-rights activist Sr. Jeannine Gramick, one of the two founders of New Ways Ministry; she was officially silenced for her dissent but defies that order to the detriment of her soul.

There are two other events that warrant the prayers and even protests of faithful Catholics in the U.S.  From CatholicHeraldUK we hear that Msgr Pio Vito Pinto, Dean of the Roman Rota, will be giving a "course" on matrimony and the family.  Pinto has cast slurs upon the dubia cardinals and favors giving Holy Communion to adulterers.  This will happen in the Diocese of Austin TX.  The course is mandatory for all clergy there.

On April 28th, gay ex-Jesuit Dan Schutte will be giving a concert at Our Lady of Visitation Catholic Church in Kansas City.  Tickets to this thing cost $20.00.  While that may not seem to be a lot to charge, bear in mind that it is a violation of canon law to demand money for any event held in a Catholic Church.  However, that is a minor issue compared with the scandal of a gay ex-priest being allowed to peddle his wares in a Catholic Church.  Schutte never overtly admitted his perversion.  Preferring to be coy about the matter, he declines to answer any questions, claiming that "it can affect how people experience the music itself".  Think about that for a minute.  If he were to state that he isn't gay, how could that adversely "affect how people experience the music"?  Answer - no way.  In trying to be cute and coy about the question, Schutte tipped his hand.  Now the real question is, what are the local Catholics going to do abut this planned travesty?

Similar questions may well be looming on the horizon for those of us in the Archdiocese of Washington.  In light of this "pastoral plan" to foist Amoralis Lamentia upon us, what will we do if we are ever subject to heresy spewing from the pulpits, gays being affirmed in their mortal sins, flagrant pro-aborts strutting up the Communion line, etc?  I'm hearing rumors of parishes preparing to go hog-wild over this. To my ADW readers: if you get wind of mischief afoot, please advise me and send documentation of the same (bulletins, handouts, etc) to Faithful Catholics of MD/DC, PO Box 2192, Montgomery Village, MD 20886.  Organize among yourselves and prepare to take action, such as the TFP group is doing.  By God's grace, we must stand in the gap - not only with prayer but with action.

UPDATE - Thanks again to Catholic action, the Schutte concert has been moved off Church grounds.  At least sacred property won't be profaned.  I don't think our concern should stop there.  Perhaps a rosary could happen outside the new venue.  Certainly we should be asking this National Association of Pastoral Musicians what motivates them to slobber after people like Schutte in the first place.


  1. Correct me please if I am incorrect about this, but the concert to be given by Dan Schutte has been cancelled due to protests from parishioners?? I thought I read that somewhere (maybe CM)

    And you are correct about the Fr. Martin talk..TFP is planning a protest with prayer outside of Holy Name Cathedral in Chicago. From what I am understanding, they have garnered quite a few concerned Catholics. Also the CM Resistance group in Chicago is doing the same. HOWEVER, I have also gotten wind of a 'counter protest' that will at the same time be happening. From what we are seeing here in Chicago, the CM resistance group is smallish, and the TFP group a little larger, so any concerned Catholic in Chicago or in the Archdiocese of Chicago is encouraged to come and participate with the 2 groups (most likely forming one group) in front of Holy Name on March 22nd. This is Christ in His true Church we are fighting for here people. Please put on the armor for Christ!

  2. To Quote St Athanasius, exiled by heretics from his diocese: "They have the buildings; we have the faith."

    It must really upset the heretics, perverts, demons, priests, bishops, and cardinals [but again I repeat myself] who think they now control the Church, because deep down they know that Jesus will care for His Church and they will not only go down in, but end up in flames. Check out my story "Mercy" at site American Catholic. Guy McClung, Texas

  3. Schutte moved away from Church property which is only fitting as he has moved away from Church teaching.

    1. I heard that this morning too. That is even more testament to the efficacy of our prayers and actions.

  4. I thought our Shepards were supposed to protect their flocks from all this rot! What cowards!

  5. Dan Schutte is NOT an ex-Jesuit priest as you stated. He was only in formation with the Jesuits but as I far as I can tell was never ordained to the priesthood.


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