Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Maryland Abortuaries Ordered Closed

Well, again the COVID-19 virus brought about some unexpected but welcome blessing.  Today we discovered that when Governor Hogan talked of shuttering "non-essential businesses", that meant abortion mills as well.  See the attached LifeNews article, with jpgs of the official correspondence.  Approximately 97 babies every day in Maryland would agree that baby-slaughter is non-essential.

Now the question is, will the mills comply?  As I browse some of the websites, I see that most don't even mention "corona" or "covid-19".  What?  Don't they care about women's health?  What would they do about "social distancing" in their waiting rooms?  Front-liners, let's be cautiously hopeful.  We need to verify compliance at the very least, and keep track of violations.  We will have more on this matter.  Whether or not there is compliance, this pronouncement is a big "first", for I don't recall ever, in my nearly 30 years of activism, abortion being officially kiboshed in Maryland.  Let us keep praying.

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