Wednesday, March 18, 2020

A Silver Lining In The Corona Cloud

Last month I wrote of a retreat for gay priests scheduled for April 14-16 at the Bon Secours Retreat Center in Marriottsville, MD.  It was to be led by Father Peter Daly and was supported by Father James Martin - two perversion promoters if ever they existed.  The days were Tuesday to Thursday. Let's be honest.  We know what kind of, "sessions" would have been occurring on Tues and Wed evenings.

We tried to petition Archbishop Lori to take action against this raunch-fest, but he refused to utter a peep.  However, blessings can come from calamities.  From the website of Bon Secours we see that the CDC shut them down until May 10.  Moreover, if you go to my first post and click on the "scheduled retreat" link, you will notice that New Ways broke the link.  We can conclude that the retreat will not happen in April.

I suspect they will try to reschedule the thing.  We will alert you when we learn something.  Plans may be in the making to ask Archbishop Lori to exercise his authority with the Bon Secours staff and forestall any attempt to reschedule it.

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