Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Planned Feminazi Debacle In Baltimore - Cancelled, Deo Gratias

Last week I wrote of a feminist gab-fest scheduled to occur in Baltimore's Inner Harbor area this coming Saturday.  It was sponsored and organized by Notre Dame of Maryland University.  Its keynote speaker was going to be Cecile Richards, ex-president of Planned Parenthood, and it featured a sex-ed workshop for underage girls with no parents allowed.

The indefatigable gentlemen of TFP Action organized a Rosary of Reparation to occur outside the freak show and I had urged all to join them.

Comes now the happy news that the organizers canceled their event because of concerns about the corona virus.  I have it on good word, though, that before the cancellation of the event in its entirety,  Archbisop Lori ordered that Cecile Richards be disinvited from it.  A moral disaster has been averted - for now.

The language in the WOW cancellation statement indicates that the planners consider their move to be a mere postponement.  We must continue to hold the collective feet of Notre Dame's administration to the fire.  If they attempt this nonsense again, we must be ready to protest again.

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