Monday, March 2, 2020

The Baltimore CCHD Debacle Last Saturday

A few weeks ago I wrote how the CCHD of the Archdiocese of Baltimore was openly planning to provide a platform for gays to promote their mortal sins.  Mind you, this was not New Ways Ministry, not Dignity, not even St Matthew's or St Ignatius churches.  This was conducted by an office of the Archdiocese of Baltimore itself.  The Baltimore chancery owns complete responsibility for this debacle that was allowed to pollute a Catholic high school.  This is why we don't give to any diocesan collection, and certainly not to the CCHD.  When the time comes for that in-pew collection, I will call this (and other travesties) to your memory.

The gab-fest happened last week as scheduled.  However, it did not go unanswered.  Approximately fifty attendees received a dose of truth per the flyer below.

We saw quite a few cars festooned with gay-activist bumper strips.  We made sure that they received one of these.

I mention this because we all have a responsibility to speak against evil when we see it.  Gone are the days when we can simply shrug our shoulders, pretend "it's not my problem" and let these travesties occur without so much as a whimper from us.  This little leafleting project really didn't take much time at all.  If I and others can do this, so can you.


  1. Metropolitan Archbishop
    William E. Lori

    Auxiliary Bishops
    Adam J. Parker

  2. Hmmm. Mercy High School. Where, I believe, Nancy DiAlesandro Pelosi graduated. Please correct if I'm wrong.


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