Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Satan And His Prelate Henchmen Curtail Holy Mass

Padre Pio once said "it is easier for the earth to exist without the sun than without the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass".  By now we have heard that Italy's government has banned public Masses.  Far from protesting this draconian measure, the Vatican has smiled upon it.  St Peter's Square is blocked off to the public.  An elderly Italian priest celebrated Mass for eight people anyway; he now faces conviction.

Here in the US we are seeing some changes.  Holy water fonts are disappearing.  More distressingly, bishops and priests are refusing to administer Holy Communion on the tongue.  Leaving aside the fact that distribution in the hand is far more unsanitary, it is a serious violation of canon law to deny Holy Communion on the tongue.  On a happier note, the hand-holding and hand-shaking has been eliminated, proving that many clouds have silver linings, but I digress.

The cessation of Mass in Italy and elsewhere in the world is nothing short of demonic, especially in light of what Padre Pio said.  In this sin-sick world, the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is needed more than ever.  The Polish Bishops' Conference recognizes this and they have correctly called for an increase in Masses.  We also recall that Pope St Gregory the Great held a penitential procession in Rome during a deadly plague that killed many people , including his predeccessor.  Gregory saw the plague as a chastisement for many wanton sins, sins for which there needed to be public penance. Clearly the same can be said for our age, particularly when so much apostacy and other evils are emanating from the Vatican itself.

In the United States, I cannot see the civil authorities being so brazen as to ban public worship - at least not under the Trump administration.  I can, however, see feckless and faithless prelates doing that deed.  In truth, even if the virus attaches to the Host, that still is no reason not to have the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.  As a friend pointed out, during Mass, it is only mandatory that the priest take Holy Communion.  The faithful are NOT obliged to receive (except at least once during the Easter season: that is, Easter Duty).  We can make acts of spiritual communion in that case.  Here is one that can be used.

The question has been asked whether or not this corona virus is a chastisement.  Why wouldn't it be, given the depths of depravation to which civilization has sunk?  The Polish bishops are correct; more Masses are needed.


  1. In time of plague and pestilence, stop offering the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is madness, Any Idiot can see that,but not our gelded (b)ishops it seems

  2. The AB of Seattle has now stopped public Masses.

  3. Re the chastisement. Patrick Archbold has an interesting take. The people of Nineveh repented. Have we? Take this and the snakes returning to Ireland. I'd say heaven's emergency flashers are working overtime. Will we pay attention? I like Bishop Strickland's approach -- processions and prayers of reparation.


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