Friday, July 3, 2020

A Courageous Priest And His Craven Bishop

Father Theodore Rothrock of St Elizabeth Seton Church in the Diocese of Lafayette (IN) correctly identified Black Lives Matters rioters as "thieves, bandits, maggots, parasites".  The poor little snowflakes got their noses put out of joint.  Bishop Timothy Doherty ordered Father to "clarify" his remarks and apologize.  He apologized, but in light of BLM's own website, his original remarks were already accurate and crystal-clear.

However, that wasn't enough for a leftist front bunch called Carmel Against Racial Injustice.  They wanted Rothrock to be suspended.  Doherty, like a good little minion, obeyed them and suspended Father Rothrock.  Would Father have been suspended if he had spoken of the Ku Klux Klan or some neo-nazi group?  Somehow I think not.

Meanwhile, in New York City, Father Rick Walsh in St Paul the Apostle offered his own (?) "homily".  He declared that "Jesus is lesbian, queer, transgender" etc.  To my knowledge, Walsh has faced no official sanction of any sort from Cardinal Dolan.

By the way, scroll down until you get to OSP's statement on the death penalty.  Therein lies the perfect illustration of the leftists' whole purpose in trying to change Church teaching on the death penalty.  They know that if they can insinuate into the thinking of Catholics that if one facet of Church teaching can be altered, why not other facets, particularly those dealing with sexual morality?  The truth is either all of God's teachings are immutable, or none of them are.  God's teachings are immutable because He Himself is immutable.  His thoughts do not change.  They have always been perfect, in no need of so-called "evolution".  The death penalty is admissable in some cases of criminal conduct.  Under no circumstances is homosexual conduct allowed.


  1. Meanwhile Archbishop Lori hires a pro-sodomy, pro-BLM "advisor"

  2. Many of our bishops lost the faith years ago. This is one of the reasons we absolutely need the SSPX. They are the insurance policy that the traditional Latin Mass will not disappear. The pope has suppressed many traditional orders. I think he would go after the FSSP, the Canons of the New Jerusalem, etc. but if he does their flocks will run to the SSPX. The more I learn about Archbishop Lefebvre the more I think he was absolutely right to do what he did. The crisis is becoming more and more obvious with every passing day -- with every showman priest using a squirt gun for blessings, with every priest who appears on livestream to do a "teaching" dressed like a slovenly bum in shorts and flip flops, with every priest who jokes and mugs from the pulpit and uses stupid props like teddy bears. We have an effeminate, undignified host of clerics. Contrast that with the respect and dignity that the priests of the SSPX (and the good guys in our dioceses and religious orders) who treat their priesthood as an honored role -- truly in persona Christi.


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