Sunday, July 19, 2020

Vocal Catholics Keep Eucharist From Being Treated Like Drive-Thru Hamburgers

Please be advised that the following video is not satire!

That's right!  Our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament is being treated with all the dignity of a Happy Meal from the McDonald's drive-through. As we watch the people walk to their cars with their arms swinging in a normal gait, we know that Particles of the Host are flying everywhere from the wrappers.  By the way - did you hear any directions regarding the disposal of the wrappers - that probably containg pieces of the Host?  I didn't either.

Note: In the 0:07 mark, notice the drums to Father's right.  In most localities, singing is banned.  Perhaps that is a blessing in disguise for now the ears of the few Catholics who now attend Mass are not being assailed with all manners of ungodly racket.  Also at th 0:09 mark, take note of the lady in the pink sweater (bottom right of the screen) giving us all a demonstration as to why the masks accomplish the exact opposite of their touted purpose.  Just for fun, go to their website and look at all the laudible causes being pursued by their Justice Council. What's that?  Where's any mention of fighting abortion?  Oh, rigid of you!  But I digress!

I understand that since this video from Complicit Clergy was released till now, that the uproar resulted in this debacle being canned.  That shows what can happen when we raise our voices and make these careless clergy uncomfortable in their sacrilege. Please advise via comments of any other such nonsense, providing corroborating links so that we can shine light on cockroaches.  Thank you.


  1. On their website under "Key Challenges" the first item on the list is "Addressing Declining Member Participation" It is no wonder why participation in this parish is declining.

  2. Sure, go ahead and along with the sacrilege make it even more super easy for any satanist to walk in and grab a Host.


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