Sunday, July 26, 2020

Waking Up With A Big Picture Of The Mess In The Church Today

All these videos are relevant to our current situation today.  In the first, our memories are refreshed by some historical perspective.  We of course are seeing the errors of Russia, that is, marxism/communism, being spread not only in secular society (aside - recall that one of the BLM founders admitted to being a trained marxist).  We are seeing it in the Church; such is the underlying mentality of the USCCB (and its state-wide counterparts) as they push progressive agendas and give, at most, lip service to intrinsic evils such as abortion and homsexual perversions.

In this one, Michael Matt opines that Catholics are waking up.  While I have seen signs of that, I pray that it is not "too little too late".

More obvservations about the amoral and ungodly mindset of so many bishops.

I'll end with this.  By now it is no secret that McCarrick was abusing seminarians at his beach house.  Hitherto, I thought he used his beach house to indulge his own perversions.  Some new lawsuits bring to light that McCarrick was actually running a sex ring out of his beach place, allowing buddies to have their ways with young seminarians.  I just wonder what more depraved things we'll learn.  Remember - McCarrick was one a leader, if not the de-facto kingpin, of the US Church.

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