Sunday, July 5, 2020

Archbishop Lori Panders To BLM Thug Fans

First, thank you to the commenter in my previous post for alerting me to this disgusting situation.  How did Lori accomplish this latest debacle?  By retaining a BLM supporter in an official capacity.

LifeSiteNews has quite an expose of Howard Ross's activities and affiliations that show him to be quite antithetical to the Catholic faith.  He founded a "consulting" company called Udarta (cited in Archbishop Lori's announcement linked below).  Both Ross and Udarta are headquartered in Silver Spring, MD (a cesspool of new-age progressivism).  What I think the LifeSiteNews piece may have overlooked is Ross's New Age connections.  For instance, both he and his wife were speakers at an event (probably online) called the "Truth and Reconciliation Weekend".  It occurred the weekend of July 4-5, just wrapping up as I type this.  Looking down the list, one gets the impression that Ross is one of the few non-Indian people speaking.  The list of talks is rife with Buddhism.  We also see nonsense about "the 13th fairy" and "chakras" and "the goddess within me".  You get the drift.

Here is the official announcement of this appointment from the Archdiocese of Baltimore.  Earlier, when I came across these deplorable announcements, I wondered how the Church could retain such individuals in spite of their chequered pasts.  Now I realize that the corrupt Church hierarchy retains these individuals because of their scandalous histories.

To my readers within the Archdiocese of Baltimore, you have yet another reason why you should not drop one penney towards archdiocesan collections.  Moreover, please try to discover if and how you can shield any parochial donations from archdiocesan assessments.


  1. Sounds to me that the event was a big "chakra con"


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