Thursday, July 30, 2020

Badmouthing Pro-Life Activists In The Name Of Racial Equality

A panel discussion was held this past Tuesday, entitled "Racism Is A Life Issue".  I'm not clear where it was held and it may very well have been a virtual panel meeting.  A report of it appeared on both online pages of Catholic News Agency and EWTN, written by Matt Hadro.  In the opening line, we see the leftward tilt of this discussion.  To wit: "Black pro-life leaders spoke during an event Tuesday about the need for the pro-life movement to become more consistent and less political on the problem of racism in order to advance the cause of life.". 

Too cynical of me, you say?  Well, let's turn that opening line around a bit, shall we?  "racial equality leaders spoke about the need for the civil rights movement to become more consistent and less political on the problem of abortion in order to advance the cause of racial inequality".  When we start seeing statements like that, then I might take such gab-fests seriously.

Anyway, the theme of knocking pro-life activists as knuckle-dragging, bigoted neanderthals was plainly evident in this account.

Let's look at LA State Senator Katrina Jackson.  I cannot comment about the quality of the legislation that she authored, but I will point out that during the 2016 presidential election cycle, she contributed $750 to Hillary Clinton's campaign.  Let's examine some of her precious pearls of wisdom.
  • First one
    • Carnard - "You cannot ask a person to choose birth but not support that person’s life and their opportunity at the American dream" comes courtesy of LA State Senator Katrina Jackson (D)
    • Unpacking..  Let's state the reality via the opposite perspective.  In asking them to choose birth, we are in fact asking them not to slaughter the unborn child.  But let's age the child a bit to age 2, for we know there is no difference between the two other than age and location.  Now let's rephrase the canard: "You cannot ask a person not to slaughter their 2-year old but not support that person's life etc".  Do I really need to explain that one?
  • Second one
    • Canard - Again from Sen Jackson we hear that "pro-life advocates had alienated potential supports by treating life as a party-political issue.
    • Rebuttal - Does the good senator recall which party made access to abortion a plank in their party platform?  Where are her words of rebuke for them?  Oh, that's right!  It's her party!
Then we hear from Gloria Purvis, whom I hold in regard.  Nevertheless, she appears to be adopting the now-discredited "seamless garment" talking points.  I'll go through a few of them.
  • First one
    • "Stop trying to dictate to black people how they should vote, what should be their number one issue, or that somehow you know better than they do about what real racism is. Do not do that."
    • Reply - That is a rebuke that would be better directed towards the murderer of Bernell Trammell, who was murdered in front of his pro-Trump signs.  But the fact is, Church teaching does make the eradication of intrinsic evils the prime determinent of how we will vote, and abortion is chief among those right now.  That is a message for everyone, not just black people.  I hope Ms. Purvis is not trying to imply somehow that black people are exempt from that moral imperative that binds us all.
  • Second one
    • From the article, "In line with the event’s title, Purvis said treating racism as a life issue requires first that pro-lifers not deny it is an issue at all."
    • Reply - Notice the tacit assumption that pro-lifers are en masse denying that racism is an issue.  In fact, it is abortion proponents who pose the biggest threats to minorities, as abortion mills are found more readily in minority neighborhoods than in white areas.  In the DC area, the black population is close to zero-population-growth thanks to abortion.  If the perils of racism are to be combatted, then combat it where it occurs - in abortion mills.
  • Third one
    • "For goodness’ sake, stop saying things like ‘the real racism is abortion’,”
    • Reply - Request denied.  We will continue to say it for indeed that is the unpleasant truth.  Blacks at one time comprised about 15% of the population, but had over 30% of the abortions.  That is a fact that must be faced.  Black babies are being victimized in greater percentages than are white babies.  The adults in those babies' short lives bear the moral responsibility and they will face it, either in this life or the next.
  • Fourth one (very last part of the article)
    • Purvis said the “number one pushback” she receives in her outreach is the belief that pro-lifers “only care about black life in the womb when it comes to politics or election time.”      
    • Ms Purvis has been in pro-life circles for quite some time now.  I trust she recognizes left-wing brainwashing when she sees it, and doesn't let that slander against good people stand.
By the way - many pro-life activists are themselves black.  Yet the implicit and (I hope) unconscious assumption is that they are all white.  A tad racist, perhaps??  Ms Purvis called upon pro-life activists to have more "humility".  These panelists could use a little of that themselves.

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