Monday, January 4, 2021

House Democrats Make Fools Of Themselves In Slobbering Up To Feminazis

 This is from yesterday's opening prayer in the US House of Representatives.  The blasphemy is outweighed only by the rank stupidity.

I would suspect he is ashamed of himself - for using the word "Lord" repeatedly.  How sexist of him!  He needs to amend his ways!  Or is that "awomend his ways"?

Seriously though, he betrays an abysmal lack of command of the English and ancient languages, if he isn't cognizant of the fact that "amen" simply means "so be it".  The illiteracy is astounding - and sadly typical of progressives.


  1. You got that right... Just how dumb can they get???

  2. He is also an ordained Methodist minister here in Kansas City!!!!! He knows better. He is just pandering to the LMNOP... crowd.

  3. Dumber than we would ever think possible. The depths to which they can sink are limitless!

  4. All I can ask is whether we might get anything better or "less inclusive" from Francis.


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