Thursday, January 21, 2021

So Now The Revelry Starts

Right now I'm just talking of the disgusting behavior of Catholic clergy, as they slobber all over President Plugs and the Kamel.  First the USCCB released a statement, which for them was actually relatively decent.  While they slathered it on thick with their congratulations and enthusiasm about progressive issues, they at least acknowledged, albeit weakly, that Biden's support of baby-murder, gay #mowwidge and anti-Catholic bigotry "would advance moral evils.."

Weak as the  statement was, it was direct enough to knot the knickers of Cardinal Blaise Cupich, a favorite of both Pope Francis and the now-disgraced Theodore McCarrick.  He harrumphed about it all over Twitter.  Apparently the statement didn't reek of enough "collegiality" for him.  Too bad!  By way of background, I remind my readers that this same Cupich, while Bishop of Spokane, would not allow his priests to participate in the 40 Days for Life campaign.  He almost carries on like he's pro-abortion!

Then before the actual inauguration, there was the Mass at St Matthew's cathedral in northwest DC.  Besides Plugs and Kamel and their spouses, several Congressional leaders were in attendance, at this invitation-only Mass.  Wanna bet that Plugs and Pope Pelosi marched right up to Holy Communion?  The homily was given by Fr Kevin O'Brien, president of Santa Clara University and a Jesuit (of course!).  You can read that drivel here.  By the way - take a gander at those pictures.  I don't see much "social distancing" happening!  Do you?

In related news, Biden has saddled us with the Paris Climate boondoggle and will strike the Mexico City policy and let illegal immigrants in.  This is just the first 24 hours!


  1. Bergoglio, the bishops, and other pro-abortion katholyks will be thrilled to know that American troops are moving into Iraq and Syria, and ISIS is bombing again. (I guess they want to demonstrate to Joe that he should be funding them like Obama.)

  2. The war party is back in office and cancel culture is in high gear. Two banks in Florida closed Trump's accounts and Chase is cancelling accounts of conservatives. Is this the time when faithful followers of Christ will not be able to buy and sell? They're after Mike Lindell bigtime too. He shared what's happening with Steve Bannon. I blogged about that and other things today.


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