Friday, January 8, 2021

In The Face Of The Looming Biden-Harris Tyranny

So now it appears that Joe "Plugs" Biden will be our next president: that is, until his handlers decide that he no longer needs to be in the White House for show and they replace him with someone else, probably Kamel.  No one with a scintilla of honesty in their being can gainsay that the election was stolen from Donald Trump, and quite blatantly at that.

Last evening however, I watched many members of the Senate wax pompous about doing "the will of the people" and decrying the attempts to set things aright.  Of course I would have expected that from the Democrats but too many Republicans played the "go along to get along" game.  That includes Vice President Pence, who basically ended his political career by disgracing himself spectacularly.  I wonder whom those bloviating gas-bags thought they were deceiving?  Maybe they didn't care, although I suspect there are a great number of woefully and willfully ignorant and naive people who swallowed that pabulum "lock, stock and barrel".

Still, a great many good and decent people fought hard these last few weeks to seek a modicum of real justice for the "will of the people", although that didn't happen last evening - political posturing aside.  We prayed to Our Lord, who obviously allowed this scourge to happen.  Now we must ask "why", not to contend with God or to utter rebellious complaint, but to learn what lessons that He wants us to draw from this sorry episode.

John Adams, a Founding Father and the second president of the United States, had this to say:"Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other."  Over the past 47 years, our country has slaughtered over 1 million of its unborn children.  It has expelled God from its schools and other sectors of public life.  It is now celebrating homosexuality and other manners of sexual perversions.  Long ago did we forfeit any claim to being a "moral and religious people".  I myself have conversed with people (some of them claiming to be Catholic!) who claim that just because the pope or bishops say so, that it's perfectly fine and even obligatory to ingest vaccines made from the body parts of murdered children.  Is it really any wonder that we must now deal with tyrants looming over us?

And deal with them we must, as we repent before Our Lord.  Some might now say our task is to passively suffer in silence and let the thugs have their ways.  This stance is nothing more than cowardice cloaked with a thin sanctimonious veneer.  I am seeing way too many instances of this nonsense on social media.  Too many are posting nonsense to the efffect of, "we are being chastised and God is in control, so let's just wait and watch God's plan unfold, and praise the Lord".  Frankly, anyone who posts this crap needs to be gob-smacked on the side of his or her head.  This damnable passivity is one of the many reasons why we are being chastised, and now we should engage in more of that sin?

So what to do now?  The first thing is that we must deal with the spiritual realities.  Our Lady of Fatima gave us very specific requests.  Make the First Saturday devotiions: that is, Mass, Confession, Rosary.  When I say "Mass", I mean get yourself to an in-person Mass.  That is one of the reasons we are being punished; the bishops have shuttered the churches, but by and large we have not uttered a peep regarding that.  Drive several hours, if you must, to receive the Sacraments.  I myself have had to do that.  Pray your Rosaries - every day.  Wear the Brown Scapulars, in accord with the wishes of Our Lady.

We must educate ourselves regarding the eternal truths of our Faith.  We cannot depend on the clergy (with a few exceptions) to assist us.  When we have pope and bishops claiming that it's morally acceptable to utilize the results of the mutilation of the bodies of murdered babies in a witches'-brew vaccine, how can we trust them to tell us the truth in other areas?

Learn US history (world history, too) by reading books that are older than the politically correct propaganda that has been published - same goes for civics (now we know why the public schools stopped teaching civics).

Look at the left and see how they were able to take a position of ascendancy.  It didn't just happen overnight.  They worked patiently and diligently through several decades, quietly ensconsing themselves in positions of influence.  We can afford to do no less.  While we won't adopt their goals and many of their methods, we must learn from their long-term dedication to their goals, such as those goals are.

One facebook friend of mine suggested that we put heavy emphasis on local actions, and local governments.  If nothing else, it's local governments that determine voting policies for their areas.  How many times have we seen "more Christian than thou" types wax sanctimonious about not voting for "the lesser of two evils" but then tout the virtues of some obscure "third party" candidate?  Well perhaps this is time to scuttle the GOP for a third party, but that party will have to win some down-ticket races in order to position themselves to float candidates for national offices.

Obviously we'll have to network with each other, and I might try to work out details.  Just the act of gathering in our own homes these days would constitute acts of civil disobedience, but perhaps that's just what is needed.  An unjust law is no law itself, and these "mandates" about the number of people in homes fly in the face of the First Amendment right to peaceable assembly.  These measures are not about "safety".  They are all about control, and about keeping us from one another to make it difficult to resist their planned tyrannies.

Let's steel ourselves with prayer and the Sacraments.  Pray those Rosaries, for some real struggles are ahead of us.


  1. Why is everyone assuming Biden is or will be the president

    What happened to pro life action?

  2. Janet, you must have meant 100 million, not 1 million slaughtered unborn children. Great post. Wholeheartedly agree. Also, I think it isn't because people do not know God that we are in this mess. It's because they do not know evil and its breadth and depth and scope. We're all about to find out what a great deal we will get from the devil.

  3. Anyone remember this movie?

    IMDB - Kirk Douglas, Burt Lancaster "Seven Days in May" (1964)

  4. I certainly understand your level of frustration and feeling like we’re a ship without a rudder. But I’m taking issue with this characterization. “Too many are posting nonsense to the efffect of, "we are being chastised and God is in control,” I’m 6-4, 280, retired cop that bench presses 450 lbs. raw. My household is well equipped and living the Fatima Message, praying the Rosary everyday with daily holy hours. But make no mistake, we WILL defend our home and others as well. So if you think we, who truly believe this IS a chastisement are somehow pacifists, think again. BTW “passivity” is not the cause of this or any chastisement. It is the wanton sinfulness of churchmen and women, laity etc. God IS in control since this is His chastisement. This is a battle against principalities and powers and it is there where our efforts must be centered. We should organize a “movement” for legitimate defense. We need more Rosaries prayed, big time. After all that’s what Our Lady said in 1917 and JPII said in Fulda Germany in 1980. May God bless you and Mary keep you.

    1. This is not an "either/or" situation. I congratulate you for exercising Catholic virtue and prayer, and trust that you are also engaging in civic affairs to set things aright. I too am doing that and yes, I believe this is a chastisement. I regret that you take umbrage with my assessment of sanctimonious cowardice on the part of some, but that is based on my own personal interactions with such individuals. For the sake of us all, I not only pray that they wake up soon, but will do all in my power to bring about that awakening.

  5. Point well taken and I stand corrected. I'm glad we're on the same team. Carry on!

  6. What is going to happen in the next few days?

    1. Fr., Most of us do not have time to watch these longwinded stories about 'what's happening'. Are you able, in a couple of paragraphs, to summarize this fellows point? Because I tried to listen to him and gave up. (I'm a long-time Trad, medical professional, multi-lingual translator, and 10 minutes in, I don't understand what this fellow is so breathless about.) Please give me some information if you have any.


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