Sunday, January 3, 2021

Yes, Liberal-Minded Catholics! Socialism Is Intrinsically Evil

 Father Altman presents a talk below explaining how the popes of the past 175 years, from Pius IX to Benedict XVI, have formally condemned socialism in all its alias - including liberalism.  Please note a few things.

  • Father Altman not only quotes the various pontiffs, but he also cites the documents in which the popes pronounced their denunciations.  The names and publication dates are plainly displayed on the screens.
  • Missing from that list of popes is our current Pope Francis.  Sadly, we know why.
  • The popes decry the socialist usage of terms such as: liberty, fraternity, equality and others.  If they seem familiar, it's because these embody Masonic ideals such as those that drove the French Revolution.

Understand that the nightmares that these pontiffs foresaw will be ours should Biden prevail this Wednesday.  Please pray your rosaries with the specific request that Trump prevails.

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