Saturday, January 30, 2021

Our Parish Times Allows Pro-Abortion Dems To Wax Sanctimonious About Racism

Today I picked up the January 2021 issue of Our Parish Times.  At one time it offered a refreshing difference from the tired propaganda found in the Catholic Standard.  Such is no longer the case, as you will soon see.

On page 3 we read of "The Persistent Challenge of Racism" by Carmela Cowgill and Bill Beard.  I did some searching on Cowgill.  At one time she was parish council chair at Resurrection Church in Burtonsville, MD.  Her Facebook page evinces a focus on progressive causes.  Most disturbing are her political contributions to Joe Biden and Act Blue.  The latter contributions were earmarked for specific candidates, including Chris Van Hollen and some non-Maryland candidates.

The other author is Bill Beard.  On his twitter page (wrbeardjr1) he describes himself as "husband, father, social justice advocate..".   The rest of the page is a progressive screed.  We see a tweet to petition the bishops to stop attacking President Biden, but further down we see another tweet congratulating Cardinal Gregory for attacking President Trump.  Hypcrite much?  Of course he too contributed exclusively to pro-abortion candidates, such as Biden, Pelosi and others.

Getting back to the article, we see that after the killings of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor, several parishes formed "listening groups" to discuss racism..  I have heard no formal, official determination that racism was a factor in either of those deaths.  To make a long story short, after these gab-fests ended, they decided to embark on a "necessary journey to examine our Christian response to racism".  So they held "virtual racial justice sessions", complete with dissident speakers such as Sister Simone Campbell and Steven Schneck.   Recently, Campbell stated that Biden has a "very developed approach to abortion".   She calls rescinding the Mexico City policy and restoring Planned Parenthood funding "very developed" because she too supports baby-slaughter.  I've written about this "nut nun on the bus" quite a bit in the past.  As for Steven Schneck, I too have written about this guy who supports pro-abortion candidates.  His role in these "sessions" was to "examine racism and Catholic social teaching in light of the then-ongoing presidential election process".  I wonder just how subtle was the shilling for Biden during these sessions?

I just picked up this issue of Our Parish Times today and thought this would be a quick stroll through that edition.  It isn't.  How much more progressive propaganda will we find later?

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