Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Editor Of Catholic Virginian Apologies For Crass Cartoon - Well, Kinda!

From LifeSiteNews we read that Brian Olszewski, editor of the Catholic Virginian, uttered what can only be called a "cya" apology.  The Catholic Virginian is the official newspaper of the Diocese of Richmond.  The bishop there is Barry Knestout.  That name should be familiar to Catholics in the Archdiocese of Washington. 

In the Sept 6 edition of that paper, a very spiteful cartoon was published featuring a woman gloating over the COVID-related death of a man.  Here it is, on page 6.  Oh, by the way, should this pdf "disappear", I downloaded it as many other probably did.  It just reeks of progressive smugness and ugliness.  They most certainly do have an agenda of shilling for the Falsey narrative; more evidence is found on page 9 of this rag.  Someone should tell Ms Barbara Hughes that the exploitation of the bodies of murdered babies does NOT mean "love of God, self, neighbor".  The by-line indicates that she fancies herself to be a "spiritual guide".  If that thinly-disguised blasphemy is a sample of her "spiritual guidance", I think I'll pass for I seem to remember Our Lord warning against "the blind leading the blind".

Getting back to the cartoon, I understand that Olszewski issued an "apology" of sorts.  Here it is.  Notice that he acknowledges that he was slammed for that cartoon, as well he should have been.  He's sorry, alright.  But is he simply sorry that he caught flak?

But now let's address Bishop Knestout's responsibility in this matter.  In addition to being the publisher of the Catholic Virginian, he is the local bishop.  Will he accept Olszewski's "apology"?  If so, would he have done so if the cartoon had mocked another grouping of people, like practitioners of gay sex, for example?  If Knestout's history is any indicator, then he would have tossed Olszewski out on his ear with great alacrity and little ceremony.

To what history do I refer?  Let's go back 9.5 years, when Knestout was an auxiliary bishop of the Archdiocese of Washington.  Saturday, Feb 25, 2012, Father Marcel Guarnizo presided at a funeral Mass.  He was compelled by his duty under Canon 915 to withhold Holy Communion to the daughter who was living in lesbian sin.  For his priestly fidelity, his faculties in the Archdiocese of Washington were revoked by Bishop Knestout.  See here and here for the account of Knestout's vindictiveness against a good priest while he refused to speak truth to someone in mortal sin.

By the way, doesn't Bishop Knestout read his own diocesan newspaper?  Why do we not hear of him being one of those who showed proper indignation at that cartoon?

But maybe there really isn't inconsistency in Knestout's reactions to both these situations.  In the first incident, he retaliated against the defense of truth.  Last week he was willing to let an attack on the truth continue, and would have done so to this day had it not been for the public outrage and possible reduction in donation dollars.

I suggest that Richmond Catholics reduce their donations until real discipline is meted out to Olszewski and any one else who had a hand in this cartoon's publication.


  1. If only we had good, holy, God loving bishops, this kind of thing would never happen. Unfortunately, Knestout is a wolf in sheep’s clothing, like so many in the Episcopate.

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